Did Tebow design these?

I haven’t started watching the Olympics just yet, but fortunately, ESPN.com’s Pat Forde has.

• The 10 worst-dressed teams:

1. Denmark. Jean shorts. JEAN SHORTS?! This isn’t Gainesville, Fla.; this is the Olympics.

Well played, sir.

not just for Gators anymore.  (Photo courtesy Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Jorts: not just for Gators anymore. (Photo courtesy Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)



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6 responses to “Did Tebow design these?

  1. kcits

    That theres funny, I don’t care who you are!


  2. NebraskaDawg

    The turds cater to Denmark foreign excahnge students.


  3. DirkDawggler

    The dude in that picture looks like a very overweight Billy Donovan.


  4. 81Dog

    is Tebow Danish? Because that dude could be his twin brother, if you ask me. If he’s entered in the tractor tire flipping event, I think it’s worth inquiring into.

    On the other hand, since there’s been no word on whether the Danish flagbearer performs volunteer frontier circumcisions, maybe it’s just a coincidental resemblence. Wait and see if the Danish coach blames a poor showing at the Games on UGA’s celebration in Jacksonville (“it’s a big deal to Olaf Svenson, and it’s a big deal to our team. It will get handled.”)


  5. Those are worse than jorts, those are japris. And being worn by a man.


  6. This made me spew my coffee. And 81Dog…absolutely hilarious.