Envy and jealousy: pwned edition

Very nice slice and dice from Elkon today:  with three quick questions, he managed to make Tommy Bowden look stupid and Stewart Mandel blind.  Now, granted, those aren’t necessarily hard things to accomplish, but you still have to admire the efficiency behind it.


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5 responses to “Envy and jealousy: pwned edition

  1. Ally

    Wow. And just a couple of weeks after comparing his 2007 season to Georgia’s.

    Roll Tide.


  2. dean

    Not to pick nits here but is that a typo in the title? Is it supposed to be “owned” edition or am I not up on the latest lingo?


  3. Ally

    See, middle-aged white men DO know something about teh interwebs afterall 😉


  4. dean

    Never heard that before. Shows ya how internet savy I am.