ESPN asks: who will be the next Carlos Dunlap?

It’s a little scary when I turn out to be prophetic.

… The main thing here, though, is what a gift this turns out to be for Urban Meyer and his recruiting. He can walk into any recruit’s house and say “you can play for Coach X and maybe they’ll know your name in a few years, or you can come to Florida and hear Herbstreit and Corso praise your name in a spring game before your sophomore season!” Now that may not work all the time, but it will work.

That’s not a question of right or wrong, by the way. It’s a resource. Meyer would be foolish to waste it. And he’s not stupid. The thing is, neither are his competitors. Guys like Saban, Fulmer, Spurrier and, yes, Richt are going to see this for the advantage it is and demand to be cut in on the deal, too.

Now this isn’t a done deal by any means, but the AJ-C is reporting that Georgia is talking with ESPN about broadcasting next year’s G-Day game.  Mark May, Chris Fowler, come on down.  Fine by me – let the rest of the nation get sick about that coverage.


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2 responses to “ESPN asks: who will be the next Carlos Dunlap?

  1. dean

    I hope it works out. I’ll bet if we win the MNC it’s a done deal. Though Mayday can keep his a$$ and negative attitude towards UGA in the studio.


  2. Ally

    Amen to that Dean.

    Just to keep things fair, I hope they pick a different school each year.

    No worries gaytor fans, I’m sure you’ll never lack for attention. If so, you can always blame it on Mark Richt and the celebration for stealing your thunder.