“I just wanted a school I’d like even if I wasn’t playing football.”

Westerdawg tips us to this terrific article on Mr. Moreno at ESPN The Magazine.  It’s almost a story that’s too good to be true.  Here’s the part I had the most trouble swallowing:

… The day Moreno’s No. 24 jerseys went on sale, Aunt Michelle bought every one she could find and had “Moreno” stitched on the back. At first, fans seated nearby asked her, “Who’s that?”

Unless those were Oklahoma State fans, I’m in shock.

Everybody knows his name now.

Everybody knows his name now. (Photo courtesy Sarah A. Friedman)


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4 responses to ““I just wanted a school I’d like even if I wasn’t playing football.”

  1. Chuck

    Written by a Gator, no less. Good stuff.


  2. RedCrake

    it was a good article, but is there some UF Alum quota at ESPN I don’t know about?

    Its bad enough to have to listen to the walking disaster that is Jesse Palmer.


  3. kckd

    That most assuredly had to be made up. Don’t know a person in the world who wore red and black that wasn’t jacked to see what he was gonna do in that game.


  4. dean

    Is there an exchange student section in Sanford stadium? ‘Cuz that be the only way anybody in the bulldog nation wouldn’t Knowshown (get it, sigh).

    I think Jean D’Arcy Maculaitis deserves some Christmas cards this year. Sounds like “Dr. Mac” basically recruited Kade Weston for the dawgs who then recruited Moreno .