You complete me.


Alabama now has only 82 players on scholarship, according to a report from Rivals. According to the report, Alabama football player Sam Burnthall, a junior defensive back, has left the team. This leaves Alabama with 82 players on scholarship. The NCAA limit is 85. Those scholarships could be given to walkon players, or saved for use in the future.

… explains this.

… Within the last month, Jackson said LSU and Alabama have let him know a scholarship is available if he changes his mind, but he said he is Georgia-bound.

Recruiting math – it’s fun!



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  1. Have to disagree Senator. Alabama had the schollie space before Burnthall quit the team. A scholarship wasn’t made available for him, a schollie is available for him. There’s a difference.

    Well, hold on. Now that I’ve reread your post, I’m not sure you’re even implying what I’m saying you are. If not, disregard.

    And thanks for the link on the nicknames post.


  2. Yeah, I wasn’t commenting on Burnthall so much as pointing out that Saban’s got room to manuever again.

    And my pleasure on the link to your nicknames post – it’s a fun read.


  3. I got my ASU 2008 Season tix in the mail yesterday {USPS}, so you East Coasters should get them today or tomorrow.

    Senator- are you going to the desert?


  4. I wish, man. Unfortunately, with the real estate market in the toilet for the foreseeable future, we in the Blutarsky household are being exceedingly careful with the budget these days.

    I do expect a full report from you guys out there, though. It doesn’t cost anything to live vicariously. 😉


  5. Grapes Of Wrath, man- just pile into an old wagon and drive through the dust.

    Sorry to hear that, man- your 1st beer was to be on me. I’m sure there will be full reports o plenty.

    @Colorado 2010- start saving your change…


  6. Bama only has 9 seniors this year. We’ve got to make room somehow for the 20+ kids Saban’s going to sign.

    (hoping Brian Cook sees this)


  7. Rob Reader

    Does anyone know of a site where they have chronicled each of the players who ‘decided’ to leave the Alabama program to enable Saban to get down to 85 players, and their respective reasons for leaving? Would probably be an interesting read…