Chip Towers thinks he knows how it’s gonna shake out at left tackle.  From his blog report of this morning’s practice:

Folks, it’s looking like Kiante Tripp at left tackle. We didn’t get to watch the whole 10-period practice today but we did see nearly half of it and I saw Tripp on the left side the whole time I was out there. Josh Davis was getting a lot of work on the right side so I don’t know if they’ll flop or are merely cross-training but if I was betting I’d say you’ll see Tripp as the starting left tackle for the duration.

Here’s what DT Jeff Owens said about it (only defensive players were available to us this morning): “He’s quick. I’ve watched him. He’s quick, athletic. He’s a defensive lineman playing offense.”

Owens didn’t think it’ll be a noticeable drop off from Trinton Sturdivant. “Kiante’s more athletic,” Owens said. “Trinton is more about strength and great technique.” …

So there, Mandel.


UPDATE: Another reason to resume breathing, from ESPN’s Bruce Feldman:

… On the bright side, some SEC coaches I spoke to believe that UGA assistant Stacey Searles is the best O-line coach in the conference and that he will get the new front ready to play. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Georgia was a very big screen team last season, which also reduces the pressure on the line to pass protect.


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  1. TomReagan

    Feldman is right on with the screen comment. It was amazing how Bobo and Searles created wrinkles like our extensive screen package to help the young OL and to take advantage of what they were good at–blocking in space.

    If there’s been a staff that did a better job than our coaches last year, I’d like to have seen it.


  2. dean

    As previously noted I’m not that internet savy but the Chip Towers link goes to the Moreno returning punts piece. Is it linked from that report or is it my ingnorance again?


  3. whats the difference between athletic and “strength and great technique”?

    you kinda need one to have the other


  4. Hobnail_Boot


    Brandon Miller had strength and good technique.
    Greg Blue was athletic.


  5. dean – it’s a comment to the blog entry. I thought people might want to see the whole thing, but you’re probably right, so I’ve changed my link to the comment.


  6. Rob

    I finally had time to catch the College Football Live episode that featured Sturdivant’s injury. ESPN’s talking heads are so full of crap. All of a sudden, Georgia is no longer worthy of a #1 ranking because one player goes down. These are the same idiots that say Georgia’s depth is what makes them so strong, and Sorrells is the best O-line coach in the country.

    I agree that Georgia is an arguable #1 pick.. there are a few good teams that could take the top spot.. but to say we’re eliminated by the loss of one player is the most ludicrous notion I’ve ever heard. If we had NO ONE to replace him with, I might agree…. but we’ve got a lot of talent to back him up. Further proof that ESPN only backs the teams they put on their network.


  7. Bulldog Bry

    Senator, you said it best. If Sturdivant was not even a coaches pick for 1st, 2nd or 3rd team, how is it THAT big of a loss?


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