Tidbits for a Saturday morning

A few random items of moderate interest for you:

  • I swear, I only read the articles. Playboy picks Georgia sixth in its preseason rankings.  Remarkably, it finds Georgia Tech to be the twenty fifth best team in the land.
  • Youth is served. One reason I say “remarkably” is based on the current depth chart at Tech.  Check out the skill positions – no starter is a junior or senior.  In fact, there are only two upper classmen listed in the entire group of eighteen.  Combine that with an offense being learned on the fly, and you’ve got some serious growing pains to go through.
  • You can call him Dr. Saturday. Matt Hinton, formerly Sunday Morning Quarterback, has started his new gig as Yahoo!’s college football blogger.  The quality of his writing is unchanged, which is a very good thing, but they must be paying the guy by the post.  He’s got an amazing thirty three of ’em up since he started blogging there on the 14th.  That’s icing on the cake from our selfish standpoint.
  • Anticipation is keeping me waiting. David Hale thinks the Kiante Tripp move to left tackle is a one week special to keep the place warm until Clint Boling returns from suspension.  Who knows?  All I can say is In Searels We Trust.
  • Hegel, Plato and the A-11 offense. Sometimes it feels like watching glaciers form over at Smart Football, but when Chris does post, it’s always interesting.  Read his thorough history and analysis of the A-11 offense and come away impressed.
  • Dawg TV. Georgia Sports Blog posts Georgia’s likely television schedule.
  • Let it ride. Even for the federal government, this seems dumb to me.
  • More on that you-know-what. Over at Orange and Blue Hue, Keltic Gator takes a look at Georgia’s chances this season and comes away impressed… with the schedule.

That is all.



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6 responses to “Tidbits for a Saturday morning

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  2. RedCrake

    They have Tech at #25 and Arkansas at #19 (ahead of Tennessee).

    I think its safe to say they this month’s centerfold make the picks.


  3. Rob

    Playboy’s picks are always stupid. They’re always so far off with them.


  4. Rusi

    The article on Orange and Blue Hue was pretty awful. First, they didn’t realize Georgia already has two championships….and then in the comments you have people making the whiny injury argument for the Florida and Auburn games……and that was just the tip of the iceberg…….


  5. RedCrake

    I’m coming to the conclusion that sportswriters/broaadcasters in America and many bloggers understand and know less about college football than the average fan

    And much less than the hardcore fan. Regardless of team, I’d rather listen to hardcore fans and many of the excellent writers on the blogosphere (I’m looking at you Blutarsky!) about what can and will happen in a season (even if they are just educated conjectures).


  6. Hobnail_Boot


    I stopped reading at that point. Also, if you use Bama Math then we have 7 MNC’s.