Only 74 more days of not being in their heads.

Per Tony Barnhart this morning:

Does Florida have Georgia on their minds?: It sure seems that way. At least that is what Cameron Newton, Florida’s backup quarterback, told me. Newton, from College Park (Westlake H.S.) has a lot of friends on the Georgia team.

“Man, they (Georgia) have opened something up,” Newton said, obviously referring to last year’s en masse charge of the end zone by the Georgia team. “It’s going to be a fun game this year. I know coach (Urban) Meyer wants it bad. And our players want it bad. They are predicting that it’s going to be the game of the year.”



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8 responses to “Only 74 more days of not being in their heads.

  1. Kit

    We did open something up…

    Most people refer to it as a “can of whoop ass.”


  2. dean

    +1 Kit.

    They’ve got 7 games before J’ville. They’d better start thinking about some of those. On second thought no they shouldn’t. I hope they’re thinking about us when they play Da U, UT and LSU.
    I tell ya what, they’d better be ready for UT. After running up the score on them last year UT will be looking for some payback.


  3. brad

    A friend of mine is a local high school head coach who had a high profile recruit sign with UF. He called from practice to say that their workout room is postered with huge photos of “The Celebration.” Also, Knowshon had 188 yds. against the Gaytors so Urban is making the players perform 188 reps of everything in the weight room.

    Nov. 1 will be unbelievable.


  4. Will

    Bring. It. On.


  5. NebraskaDawg

    Hope Knowshon runs for 500 yards and we wear their asses out next season in the weight room.


  6. JDawg

    Wow, kind of sounds like an obsession. They seem to be pretty focused on the game.

    Of course, I thought that UGA’s embarrassing loss to Tennessee in 2006 would have provided sufficient motivation for the Tennessee game last year.


  7. Sam

    The Meyer comments, combined with the “threats” from the UF players is without a doubt the BEST thing that could happen to UGA. If UF were quietly preparing an ambush, it might happen, but challenging the manhood of, what looks to be, a superior group of athletes in total isn’t very smart. While UF has great athletes, they are vulnerable on defense and their offense is facing UGA’s strength. If Fla is healthy at this point in the season, it should be a great, closely contested game. If they face the injury bug by putting Tebow front and center again, UGa will kick them as much as last year. Just a dumb move on Urban’s part. He is not proving to be ready for Primetime so far. Yes he has an SEC title, but the record is almost equal to Zooks at the same stage.

    Something is wrong in Gainesville and the stress of another 3-4 loss season may cause a meltdown. Have you ever seen so many defections from a school that enjoys such lofty notoriety? ESPN’s worship of “all things Meyer” may come to an end if he cannot produce with Superman at the wheel again.


  8. Barry

    Wow. If we beat them this year, just imagine the tears in that Gator dressing room. A win this year and start planning on a longggggggg Bulldog winning streak.