Ten questions

… for which I don’t have any simple answers.

  • If Kirk Herbstreit had been just a leetle more persuasive a couple of years ago such that Michigan had played Ohio State for the MNC, would Urban Meyer be perceived as a genius today?
  • In the Big XII, does the quarterback make the defense, or does the defense make the quarterback?
  • What’s the over/under on the number of years in a row that pundits will ask if this is the year Tommy Bowden gets Clemson over the hump in the ACC?
  • If it’s a given that a certain defense will improve in 2008 because it can’t be any worse than it was in 2007, why isn’t it a given that a certain offense will decline in 2008 because it was so good in 2007?
  • Exactly what has Ron Prince accomplished to justify a contract extension?
  • Do Auburn offensive linemen get bonus points for being as big a bunch of assholes with their own teammates as they do with other schools?
  • In the wake of Sturdivant’s injury, how many Dawg fans are going to go out and buy Michael Lewis’ The Blind Side?
  • How many voters in the Coaches Poll put in even one quarter of the effort Kyle King does in assembling his Blog Poll ballot?
  • Why do we love funky names lists so much?
  • Is New Mexico State the place where overrated defensive coordinators’ reputations go to die?

Just asking…


BONUS QUESTION: This isn’t mine, but it’s so good I want to add it to the list.  Jody asks about preseason poll decisions:

…if you bump a team down because they have a difficult schedule, do you then not drop them when they lose?  I mean, if you dropped them preseason because you expect them to lose, then when they fulfill your expectations you shouldn’t penalize them again, correct?



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7 responses to “Ten questions

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Maybe Auburn should just play itself all season long. It seems they already hate each other more than they do their rivals.


  2. Ally

    Groo asked that same question yesterday. I hadn’t thought about it before, but he’s right. Its an excellent point. If you penalize us for our schedule (after constantly bitching that the SEC needs to get tougher OOC teams), then its not fair penalize us again if we lose. We get dinged TWICE for a loss?

    I don’t get it. Pre-season means BEFORE the season. Judge us as the team we are now going into the system, but don’t judge us based on what pundits say about our schedule.


  3. If you’re making your preseason poll based on what you think will happen in the year, you’re doing it wrong. Period. Any pollster who refuses to grasp this concept should have their credentials revoked.

    A preseason poll is based on teams’ relative strengths at the time of the poll. Georgia should be judged for Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford, Trinton Sturdivant, and Blair Walsh. Not for @ LSU, @ Auburn, and so on. This isn’t hard to understand. Why grown men who are paid to write and talk and think about this can’t get it through their heads is beyond me.

    …if you bump a team down because they have a difficult schedule, do you then not drop them when they lose? I mean, if you dropped them preseason because you expect them to lose, then when they fulfill your expectations you shouldn’t penalize them again, correct?

    Additionally, think about this: You’ve bumped down Georgia before-the-fact based completely on the schedule. If Georgia makes it through relatively unscathed, can we trust you to have them leap over teams with easier schedules? Can we REALLY trust you to jump Georgia over tOSU? I have sincere doubts.


  4. dean

    To answer your first question, no. That’s not to say he’s not one of the best coaches in the league or country but I don’t think we’d have the Myer love fest we have today had Herbie (who can suck it by the way) been more persuasive. I seem to remember the same type of love fest for Stoops after he accomplished the same thing as Myer.


  5. Will

    I was actually on the 9th chapter of The Blind Side when I heard about Sturdivant’s injury. At first, I was horrified. Then I remembered what Stacy Searels did with a largely freshman line last season. They’re shifting around, yes, but they have experience this year. We’ll be better than fine.


  6. a redcoat

    that bonus question is exactly what has been pissing me off for weeks.


  7. @Will…I wonder if those of us who read The Blind Side might be exaggerating things slightly. We recognize the importance of the left tackle, but we might place too much importance on it because of the book.

    In the context of the book, the left tackle’s importance was in response to the Lawrence Taylor class of defensive ends (or OLB in a 3-4 scheme). The concern is very valid in the NFL, but that caliber of pass rusher isn’t as common in college. We might face only one or two such ends all year where the athleticism of the left tackle is put to the test, and those defenses might have other weaknesses that would allow us to send help in protection.

    (As an aside, speaking of the Blind Side, I wonder how much of Oher’s reputation comes as a result of the book. Obviously he was a highly-regarded prospect. But I wonder how many all-SEC (and even all-American) lists start out with Oher by default because that’s the only offensive lineman with the name recognition usually reserved for skill players. It’s impossible to know, but would he be an obvious all-whatever choice or sure-fire top draft pick next year without the book?)