Random one liners

Some items of note:


UPDATE: Maybe she got a little carried away; maybe it’s a test run for Jimmy Johns.



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4 responses to “Random one liners

  1. kckd

    I always pull against UF. Doesn’t matter who they are playing.

    With UT I’m more neutral I guess. I won’t cry if they lose to anyone.

    WIth the rest of the schools though, when playing outside the conference I’m one of their biggest fans.


  2. Richt-Flair

    Wow, Epps and Estes representing in the SEC world. Two R&B alum, and good ones at that.


  3. Simms the Younger(est) appears to have been taking life lessons from the Jimmy Clausen Academy, only he decided it was time for the student to surpass the master and turned the douchebag knob up to 11.

    Oh, and ditto Richt-Flair’s comment. I’m fortunate to know both of those guys, and they’re headed places. If you haven’t read Epps’s book on Tennessee’s disaster season of 2005, get it — it’s absolutely fascinating (and would be, I think, even to non-Dawg fans whose main interest in it isn’t the schadenfreude).


  4. Richt-Flair

    Doug — me thinks you and I crossed paths on Jackson Street and didn’t even know it.