More SEC TV math

Barnhart is blogging this morning that the little birdies are telling him that CBS may not be the only network to strike a 15-year deal with the SEC.

I’m hearing that ESPN is thinking seriously about also signing a 15-year deal with the SEC as well. But this deal may have an interesting twist. Under this deal ESPN would purchase all of the remaining television rights that CBS does not own.

Why would ESPN do this? Simple. If ESPN owned the remaining rights, it could put several SEC games on its various platforms (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN360) and then, whatever rights it had left and did not want, it could sell back to a group like Raycom or even Comcast. Distribution, however, could be an issue because a lot of cable systems do not carry ESPNU or 360 on their basic package. And those distribution issues could ultimately complicate the deal. Some of those distribution issues could be addressed by video streaming on the Internet, which is going to be a big part of these future TV deals.

Now to do all this ESPN would have to pony up some pretty big bucks over a long period of time. But the network has shown it is willing to pay handsomely for college football.

The money – which is beginning to look like it might settle north of $100 million per year – is just short of mindboggling.  Keep in mind that the conference members split a total pot of $127 million this year.


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9 responses to “More SEC TV math

  1. Rusi

    Yo- Senator-

    I just got an email with pics of Uga VII (supposedly) — have you gotten it yet?


  2. dean

    Do other conferences not have an issue with this? I would think the other BCS conferences would be up in arms over this deal. Unless they already have some deal with the WWL I’m not aware of.


  3. Ally

    The Seilers have said several times now, including a statement in the ajc last week, that the photos circulating are fakes.


  4. Ally

    But back to the topic. I know the money is big, but I’m not so sure I like the idea of the wwl getting control of all of the remaining games outside the cbs deal.

    Is anyone else as unnerved about this as I am?


  5. Rusi

    Thanks Ally-

    I had that feeling.

    On the topic I would rather have the WWL than Fox….


  6. Ally

    Yeah, I agree with you there for sure. I just like the current arrangement with CBS then allowing either espn, raycom, or comcast pick up remaining games. I’m just more than a little bothered by espn controling the entire slate of games that is outside of cbs’s contract.


  7. Wolfman

    ESPN has shown recklessness when they get to program games all by themselves. Who goes for a 530pm or 9pm start? The current setup is great, mostly because the start times are staggered, and almost always immovable…1230, 330, and 745 (with the occasional weird 6pm or whatever). It just makes me nervous…I don’t want the WWL throwing in some 11am ET starts, or worse yet, force the SEC’s hand in playing some Thurs. or Fri. games…

    It just makes me nervous, is all


  8. Robert

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind ESPN getting their hands in SEC cookie jar. That just means a little less love for the Big 10/PAC 10/ESPN alliance. Plus, more coverage in ‘stunning’ ESPN HD!