What slow economy?

If you’ll recall this post over at The Business of College Football that I linked to a couple of weeks ago, you may remember these observations:

Does the impact of a economic slowdown or recession (technically speaking requires two quarters of negative GDP) translate into lower attendance at college football games?

Several of Atlanta’s pro teams, including the Falcons and Braves, also have cited the slow economy as a challenge in sales. One team not impacted: the Georgia Bulldogs, who have sold out of football season tickets and rejected orders for new seats from customers with less than $10,651 in lifetime contributions to the athletics program.

If you have a product worth buying the answer is no…simply no a slowdown in the economy hurts those that are offering a weak product; like the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle has an article up about the Georgia athletic program that reinforces that point.  (h/t Bulldogs Blog)

… Georgia has a total athletic budget of almost $83 million this year. Athletic Director Damon Evans says football revenue represents 85 percent to 90 percent of the whole.

“The thing I think that drives us is we have very, very loyal fans,” Evans said. “Historically we have good teams. If you give up seats, you might not get them back.”

Evans said the football money machine has been impervious to the economic downturn.

“It’s really been interesting this year because of the economy,” he said. “I can say this as far as the purchase of football tickets and priority, the economy did not have an effect on us. … Plus, the expectations are very high this year regarding the football program.”

The topper is the revenue generated from ticket priority – $26 million.

“I haven’t seen any higher,” Evans said of whether Georgia’s ticket priority is tops in the nation. “People are giving above and beyond their contribution to continue to build it up.”


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