This is a nasty quote on so many levels about the OBC and the program he leads:

At least one of his former players isn’t so sure Spurrier will be at South Carolina in 2012 if he doesn’t start winning in 2008.

“I think this is a defining year for him,” former Florida wide receiver Chris Doering says. “If South Carolina doesn’t make some strides toward becoming more relevant in the SEC, I don’t know how much longer that job will hold his interest.”


UPDATE: Then again, there are always plenty of Kool-Aid drinkers.


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  1. Greg

    Hey Doering, Spurrier is recruiting the players and coaching them. If he doesn’t make SC relevant(kind of like he didn’t make the Redskins relevant), then they’ll be losing interest in him just as much as he’ll be losing interest in them. Granted, SC has more patience than most due to their history, but they need to try to hire an up and coming coach next time instead of ancient retreads like Holtz and Spurrier.

    Spurrier is 63 now. If they don’t show some progress in the next two years – meaning breaking into the top 3 in the East at year end and making at least an Outback Bowl appearance – then there is no point in him staying around any longer from his perspective or the school’s…after all, they are paying him a lot of money.

    There’s little reason to conclude that he will be able to get over the hump. His success came when he had superior talent AND a great staff at UF. He’s facing deficits in both of those area’s compared to many of his competitors in the SEC now.


  2. That second link is a riot. Wins over Georgia and Florida? The quarterback controversy a distant memory by week three, giving the Bulldogs “a monster they are just hoping to contain”? Even one of the writer’s fellow Gamecocks was telling him to get real in the comments.


  3. HVL Dawg

    OBC is a quitter.

    Why did he leave UF?

    Why did he leave the NFL?