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Tony Barnhart does a little roundtable Q & A session with the ADs at Georgia, Georgia Tech and Georgia State that you might want to read.

Particularly interesting is Tech’s Dan Radakovich’s concern over the average fan eventually being priced out of the college game.

What you may see in the future is fans joining together to form LLCs [limited liability corporations] in order to buy tickets collectively. They realize there is no way individually they can climb that ladder. So they pool their resources and share the tickets. It happens in the NFL now because the NFL ticket is incredibly expensive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about that.  And you wonder why the Tech fanbase is so passionate about its football program these days…


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4 responses to “Fan friendly

  1. That’s impossible. All Tech alumni are millionaires, good lucky people with the highest cultural standards. Not to mention great fighters, diplomats and men of integrity.

    There’s no price that would keep them out of the stadium….particularly if a free Coke is involved.

    BTW — UGA banned LLC ticket buying a few years ago. Only individuals can buy tickets.


  2. Which would make sense – otherwise you’d have ticket holders with rights in perpetuity, since LLCs don’t die.


  3. dean

    I don’t know what Radakovich considers an average fan but if he’s referring to fans who don’t make six figure salaries he’s probably right. Not that Tech has any of those fans. OK that’s a little extreme but every year it’s getting harder and harder to justify those checks for donations, tickets and parking passes. On top of that most of us likely spend another $500 to $1000 a year on tailgating and gas, depending on how far you live from Athens and how many away games you go to. I have to go refill my cup now it’s half empty.


  4. Ladydawg

    Did they grandfather in the ones that already had corporations? Because one of my friends has “company” rates for her donations, etc., which are different from the individual ones.