So much for that anti-SEC bias

ESPN signs that big SEC television deal and the next thing you know, ol’ Herbie’s got this to say:

Sites “GameDay” Must Get To (I’m not quitting until we visit)
1. Georgia Enough is enough. Can we please get to Athens? We haven’t been there since 1998. That’s WAY too long.

Seriously, one thing I’ve got to give the guy credit for – if you look at his lists, there’s a fair amount of love sprinkled throughout for Georgia.  I’m not trying to be a homer here, but I’ve found it somewhat surprising that a team can go into a season as highly regarded as Georgia is this year with relatively little appreciation for some of the individuals (Moreno excepted, of course) that we expect to be be a key part of the success.


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12 responses to “So much for that anti-SEC bias

  1. NM

    I was just about to ask if you had seen this story! Maybe there’s hope for Ol’ Herbie yet…


  2. RedCrake

    Not so fast my friend….ahahahahahahahah
    /maniacal laughter at ridiculous ESPN pun.

    Two words for you: Ole Miss.

    That’s who Herbie has as his SEC West sleeper. More like a coma.

    This from the man who brought you MNC 08: Florida.


  3. Robert

    Ol’ Herbie has been slowly climbing on board the Bulldog Bandwagon for the past few years.

    Maybe Mark May will turn on a Georgia game and actually watch it this year… maybe. I’m sure his TiVo is just full from all of the ’05 USC/slOhio State/Tim Tebow highlights.

    On another note: Senator, do have any plans for another “you supply the caption contest?”

    The last one made my day…


  4. Greg

    Herbstreit is still as biased as they come. Go through that entire article and notice the inordinate amount of love given to both Ohio State and the Big Ten, in general. He can’t help himself and, when push comes to shove later in the year, he will do his best to throw us or any other SEC team under the bus.

    Reshad Jones and Asher Allen will be big names in the conference and nationally by year end.

    Did you see that he had LOMAX #3 on his list of DE’s? Unbelievable. What has he done to deserve that kind of recognition? Don’t see it and I think I’ve seen Lomax play a lot more than Herbie has.


  5. Raleigh Dawg

    Lomax is a DE and UGA which after the past few years means he should put up some serious numbers. I believe he had a couple of sacks last year backing up howard. DEs that have been studs at UGA Howard, Moses, Johnson, and Pollack all come to mind under CMR’s regime. Has anyone seen this article about the must watch games on ESPN? Ol’ Schlabach likes the gamecocks, look at all the upset alerts they are on. Hopefully the week 12 pick will come true. 4 days until its time to tee it up…..


  6. Dsmith

    last night I watched Mark May and Lou Holtz say who they thought were Heisman candidates……neither mentioned Moreno. Ok. sure he may not win it, but to not have him even in the running……


  7. dean

    Herbie can still suck it. No amount of butt kissing is going to make up for the complete 180 he pulled on the dawgs and the double standard BS he spewed after WVU and Missouri lost, at least in my mind. The only reason he wants to come to Athens is the girls. Not that I can blame him for that but he did give UGA the “Herbie” award for best looking co-eds last year. So I think there’s an ulterior motive for his desire to get to Athens.


  8. Dean, I laughed when I read your comment (with you, not at you), because I was wondering why the Herbies didn’t include the usual “Prettiest Co-Eds” category, where he perennially includes UGA; maybe Mrs. Herbstreit finally put her foot down. But you know Herbie can’t get enough of the scenery in Athens, whether he says so outwardly or not.

    Herbstreit has his biases like anyone else, but he’s far from the worst out there; he’s apparently high on our front seven, which I was gratified to read. Offense wins headlines in the SEC, but defense still wins championships.


  9. Ally

    My biggest problems are not with Herbie, but with Mark May, Corso, Holtz, and some of the other big ten homers. I’ll believe the bias is ending when I see more from those guys.

    But Corso, we don’t want you to like UGA so keep the hatin’ alive. Please.


  10. 81Dog

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I LIKE Herbie. He’s pleasant, he’s frequently complimentary of the Bulldogs, and he really seems thrilled to be part of the Gameday crew. Sure, I dont agree with all his opinions; his flip flop from 06 to 07 on the “take the top 2” for the BCS thing was annoying. I dont, however, think it was personal.

    Mark May is a miserable human being who hates UGA. He never admits to being wrong, and he never fails to pick against us. He has an “I’m smarter than all you rabble” approach that I find offputting, to say the least. But Herbie? You wont see him whining about TOSU getting punked by Garrison Hearst in a bowl game almost 20 years down the road.

    Herbie respects the SEC. You can hardly blame the guy for being a shade of a Big Ten homer, but I’d rather have a guy who seems friendly and enthusiastic, and who has some actual useful insight without copping an attitude, than Holtzth (thufferin’ thuckatashhhhhhhhh…..If I have to listen to him pick ND to win 10+ games again, I may jam a screwdriver into my own brain), Mark May (If he was a little more bitter and a lot less athletic, he could be Terence Moore), or even Fowler, who’s smart….but eager to let you know he’s the hippest, smartest guy in the room.

    I feel the same way about Herbie that I feel about Mark Bradley. Talented guy, not malicious, not always right, but almost always interesting. It’s ok with me if he’s not a drop dead UGA homer; the world isnt going to end if Herbie picks Florida to win the SEC. I figure UGA can use the extra motivation, and if UGA wins the SEC, we can all enjoy Herbie eating a little crow. Which, frankly, will be a tiny thing compared to the enjoyment we all get from seeing The Master of Pointing and Staring weeping into his protein shake for the second year in a row.


  11. Will


    I’ve seen a ton about Moreno (though he seems to be mysteriously dropping from Heisman contenders lists as we get closer to the season), quite a bit about Stafford (a lot of it negative), and a sprinkling of Ellerbe. Otherwise, the team is a bunch of non-entities in the media. You know what though? I kind of like it. We know they’re some of the best around. They’ll get plenty of attention during December as we prepare for the MNC. 😉