Know thy opponent, Gators edition

The first hint you get that The Quad’s preseason evaluation of Florida may be grounded in reality comes with its ranking:  #5 obviously isn’t #1.   Then you see this quote and realize that this may be the only major media source that’s realistic with its expectations about Florida’s defense (gasp!).

… However, I’m concerned about the defense. With holes in the middle of the line and a lack of depth in the secondary, Florida is not a complete football team. However, there is no doubt that it is one of a handful of teams with a legitimate shot at the national title. Much will depend on how Meyer and his staff deal with the issues on defense. Can Tebow and the Gator offense simply overshadow the defense by scoring 30-plus points per game? If that’s the idea, I have Florida well over-ranked…

That’s dead on.  He picks the Gators to go 10-2 with a loss in Jacksonville.  I’d take that.



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5 responses to “Know thy opponent, Gators edition

  1. dean

    Finally, a fair and logical assessment of the gators.


  2. Kit

    The next thing you know, he’ll tell us that Notre Dame wasn’t a good team last year and may be only slightly better this year.

    Those media types are out of control.


  3. SRQDawg15

    I guess Kit’s response was meant to indicate that this is obvious to everyone. You’d think so, but the Gator Nation doesn’t seem to think so. All I’ve heard out down here in Florida is how great their offense will be with all its new weapons followed by how amazingly better the defense will be. Oh yeah, and they also like to talk about how key injuries are meaningless because of whoever is replacing the starter (Hernandez for Ingram, ?Rainey for Harvin?, Will Hill for Munroe). You know, it amazes me how they will tell you that Meyer is a genius until they are blue in the face, but they all know who is really the better player and should have been starting anyway.


  4. Roger

    Sorry, SRQ, but must disagree with you there. I don’t think any Gator wants all the new players to be thrust into starting roles as that means learning on the job. But most Gator fans will know that (at least, based on recruiting evaluations) many of the replacements are going to be more talented than the people they’re replacing.

    Hernandez and Ingram, I’d call a push. Rainey for Harvin? As a Gator fan, I want Percy to make sure the recovery is complete (as I think we rushed him back last year). Rainey isn’t that far of a dropoff. And Will Hill for Munroe? Munroe is talented, but from what I’m hearing Hill is off the charts. Give him time to smooth out the rough edges and I think we’ll be in a better position. We’re really losing experience and depth with the Munroe injury.

    I think the worrying thing is the depth chart. From a talent standpoint you won’t see much of a drop… but the real proof will be in the conditioning and any future injuries.

    Hey, the season’s only a week away and we all have our orange & blue / red & black glasses on. I’m ready for kickoff already!


  5. JDL

    Does anyone know of a bar or restaurant in downtown Athens that will be televising the game? Last time we were on PPV, I was told that the bars downtown didn’t carry PPV games, but that was four or five years ago. I still may be able to get tix, but I won’t know until gameday and I want to have a backup plan just in case.

    Any suggestions? Help is much appreciated.