New site of note

College Football Resource tipped me off to this website:  It’s just what it sounds like, an injury database for D-1 football programs.  It doesn’t seem to be complete – Georgia isn’t listed for some reason – but what’s there is of interest and up to date, including news from yesterday like the Florida injury situation regarding Spikes and Harvin and also news about ASU’s McGaha.

Also, you’ll be pleased to learn that former Tech QB Taylor Bennett was named the starter at Louisiana Tech over the weekend.

Bottom line:  not perfect, but linkworthy.



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5 responses to “New site of note

  1. chefboyardee

    Maybe they need a whole separate page for Georgia’s injuries.


  2. Jim

    The reason Georgia isn’t up is they don’t have a lined game in Week 1. That seems to be how teams are determined.


  3. fred russo

    what a great site thanks a lot it’s now in my favorites. by the way does anyone know if the georgia game will be shown next week as a rerun and by what channel?


  4. Ally

    CSS usually plays our game the following Monday. Glad you brought that up – I hope they do the same this year.

    Wonder if that will continue once the espn takeover goes into effect?


  5. Ally

    Yeah, I just checked – our games will reair on CSS Mondays at noon and again 9pm.