One more day tidbits

We’re getting close.  Here’s a bunch of stuff to nibble on.

  • Brian at The Business of College Football updates what ticket values are in the market for the top 10 teams.  Overall it looks pretty stable, although if you want to see a game against a cupcake, it won’t cost too much.
  • Mark Richt sounds here like he’s channeling his inner Nick Saban:  “You guys worry too much about the depth chart,” Richt told reporters. “… These guys, they’re all going to play. Every week, it might change. One guy may be late for study hall, and the coach decides to start the other guy.” Testy, testy.
  • Congrats are in order to Mr. Gillett, who has landed a prestigious slot on Dr. Saturday, Yahoo!’s college football blog.
  • They’re getting a little cheeky these days at UCLA.
  • Major kudos to Orson at EDSBS for giving Smart Football’s Chris Brown a bigger platform to share his analysis.  His post on Nick Saban and Rob Spence is definitely worth your time, even without a game prediction.
  • It sounds like they’re pretty pleased about the new SEC TV deals in Starkville, Mississippi.
  • And giving credit where credit is due:  yes, Stewart Mandel knocked Georgia down a couple of slots in his final preseason power rankings because of Sturdivant’s injury.  But he also wound up ranking Florida lower at #7 due to Harvin’s and Ingram’s injury status.

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