So, how fabulous are these freshmen?

Marc Weiszer has a good post up projecting which incoming freshmen have the best opportunity to see the field this season.  Richt has been quoted as saying as many as twelve of them could play in ’08.  Weiszer sees ten whose chances to play he categorizes likely or better, with another two being 50/50.

What’s interesting is that Weiszer points out Georgia hasn’t had more than six true freshmen play in a season since 2003.  Richt has always been a big believer in redshirting.  Yet, here’s a year with as much at stake for Georgia as has ever been in the Richt era and the coach is looking at throwing a significantly greater number of these kids into the fire than he’s ever done before.

What do you think that says about (1) the talent level of this year’s class and (2) what Richt thinks his team can accomplish this season?



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  1. kckd

    I think it says a lot about the talent and a lot about Knowshon and what he did last year and that Richt regrets RSing him.


  2. Ally

    Not so fast. In an article in last week’s ajc CMR said he felt at times he should’ve redshirted Knowshon, but did not regret it looking back because he felt like the type of hype & pressure he’s received due of his exceptional talent has been overwhelming. He went on to say that he didn’t think Knowshon, or anyone for that matter, could’ve handled it and that he thinks he did the right thing by allowing him to mature both mentally and in learning the system on the scout team.


  3. Ally

    “In an article in last week’s ajc CMR said he felt at times he should’ve redshirted Knowshon…”

    Was supposed to read: should NOT have redshirted


  4. Our two-deep depth chart has only 11 seniors and 10 or 11 juniors.

    Our starting line-up for the GSU game will feature Seniors Tripp Chandler and Mo Massaquoi on offense and Wynn, Owens, Lomax, Ellerbe and Byrd on defense. Punter Brian Mimbs is also a senior and Brannan Southerland would be a third senior starter on offense if he was not injured. So 7 out of 22 starters are seniors. Over half of the two-deep are Sophomores or freshmen. We are not as young as last year, but we still have a ton of youth that will be on the field.

    To answer your questions:
    1. This year’s crop of freshmen has tremendous star power with at least 6 or 7 guys likely cracking the two-deep by mid-season. Glenn, Green, Jones, T. King, Dowtin and Rambo. Richard Samuel is neck and neck with Caleb King as Moreno’s back-up and if either Moreno or King gets nicked up, he is on the two deep. And of course, kicker Blair Walsh is a frosh. These 8 guys will all contribute on a team that returns 17 starters from the 2nd ranked team in the country that won its last 6 games by an average of 17 points. So it ain’t like the returners are chumps. WOW.

    2. Crystal Football!


  5. Jim

    Certain players should red shirt but if a player has the skills to go to the NFL, the best we could ever expect is that they will stay for three years after the red shirt year. You might as well play them.


  6. dean

    The talent level of this class is probably the best in the Richt era. I think he sees the possibility for a 3, 4 or even 5 year run much like USC has enjoyed. If he redshirts these kids then he’s looking at a “rebuilding” year in ’09 or 10 depending on who defects.

    I believe Richt thinks or expects this team to do what he expects all of his teams to do. That is compete for and/or win the SECC. Anything after that is gravy on the biscuit.


  7. Will

    I also like to think that part of playing all these freshmen is Evil Richt screwing with the other coaches’ heads. It makes me smile.


  8. kckd

    Ally, I will say this

    If that’s true about Knowshon, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be true of AJ Green, Taverres King, etc.

    If any of the skill position freshmen have a breakout year do you not they are going to have the same kind of thing going on?


  9. Ally

    I absolutely agree. That’s why I’m a little puzzled by his change of tune just days before saying so many freshman will play.

    I especially wonder about AJ Green. The only difference I see is that there are many WRs in the rotation – he won’t get as many opportunities as Knowshon did. But, that may not matter either. If he pulls off even just a few of the catches from his highlight reel I think we’ll see Athens erupt…and I’ll be one of them.