It’s about damned time.

Life has meaning again.

  • Aug 28:  Vanderbilt at Miami University, 7:00 PM, ESPNU
  • Aug 28:  Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech, 7:30 PM, ESPN 360
  • Aug 28:  Charleston Southern at Miami, 7:30 PM, ESPN 360
  • Aug 28:  NC State at South Carolina, 8:00 PM, ESPN
  • Aug 28:  Wake Forest at Baylor, 8:00 PM, FSN
  • Aug 28:  Oregon State at Stanford, 9:00 PM, ESPN2
  • Aug 28:  Troy at Middle Tennessee State, 7:30 PM, Gameplan
  • Aug 28:  Wake Forest at Baylor, 8:00 PM, FSN

Let the games begin.  Yowzer!


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5 responses to “It’s about damned time.

  1. dean

    Are you really that excited about the Wake Forest at Baylor game to list it twice? 🙂


  2. I guess CFN is, for some reason. God only knows why.


  3. Dawg19

    Baylor fans probably need reminding…


  4. Ally

    What I would not give to see Jacksonville State knock off yech…

    Call me crazy, but I think they’ve got a shot.


  5. halftime has been pretty exciting for the broadly telecast games.

    miami looks pretty sweet against Charleston High.