Thoughts from last night

Man, that felt good… comfortable chair and clicker in hand.

There really weren’t a whole lot of surprises last night.  I thought the two most impressive wins, for what they were worth, were Vandy’s and Wake Forest’s. Stanford, riding a +3 turnover margin, looked like it might be ready to step up from the land of the completely forlorn (so much for Mandel’s pick for surprise team in the country this year).  It sure was good to hear Uncle Ron’s voice last night, too.

In terms of Georgia’s future opponents which saw the field last night, I’m not sure how much to read into Central Michigan’s win, but it seems to me that an offensive juggernaut playing at home against Eastern Illinois ought to put up more than 31 points on the scoreboard.  Georgia Tech did what it had to do against a 1-AA opponent, which was play good defense and give the team a reason to believe Paul Johnson’s offense has a future.

And then there was South Carolina.  I thought it was a typical Spurrier rope-a-dope opener, which is to say, show as little as possible on offense.  It helped tremendously to face a hapless opponent like NC State, which boasts the worst looking offense from a BCS conference team this side of Starkville, Mississippi.  So while that 34-0 score looks nice, don’t forget that the Wolfpack finished off its ’07 season with a 37-0 loss to Maryland.

Then again, we were able to witness the birth of the Chris Smelley for Heisman campaign in Columbia last night, so there is that.  My big question for SC (can I say that?) is whether next week’s trip to Nashville turns out to be any sort of test for the ‘Cocks, instead of the usual kind of warm up Spurrier prefers prior to his game with Georgia.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


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11 responses to “Thoughts from last night

  1. NebraskaDawg

    For Chicken fans, a 3-0 win over Vandy would be enough to start a National Championship run.


  2. dean

    Was it me or did So.Car. defense look slow? Maybe it was the first game in a new system but they didn’t seem to have the speed on the edges.

    The Ol’ Ball Coach showed a lot of patience with Sum-Beecher. In the old days he wouldn’t have seen another snap after the 2nd interception. Carolina fans should be thankful they were playing an ACC team because 4 turnovers in the SEC usually leads to a loss (even against Vandy).


  3. sUGArdaddy

    They are slow. They have 260+ lb. linebackers. Knowshon is going to rip them on the corners, and Nickson might do the same next week.

    They lost to Vandy last year, and Vandy might actually be a little better. It’s hard to win in college football, especially early in the season, without a QB, and the ‘Cocks ain’t got a QB.


  4. This South Carolina team is as bad as any SC team this decade. It’s popular for UGA fans to say they will still play us close despite looking bad against a weaker opponent, as they’ve done a few times this decade… but that won’t be the case this year. We will win that game by at least 20 points.


  5. RedCrake

    LeFevour throws for 217 yards and rushes for 42 on 11 carries (against Eastern Illinois no less). Isn’t he supposed to be Tebowesque?

    If 217 yards passing and a rushing average of 3.8 ypc makes you a dual threat Heisman sleeper then Stafford has a better shot of winning the trophy than I thought.


  6. Ally

    Dean – 100+ points for “Sum-Beecher”

    Lol – i cannot stop laughing!


  7. MoDawg

    WOW! What a stinker of a game that was. I might have been a little concerned about SC but not after last night. The did look slow on defense and their offensive line should not pose very many problems for our front 7, first or second string. You would think such an offensive “genius” would be able to recruit better QBs than he has, even to that armpit of the South. Perhaps his history of verbally assaulting these young guys after a mistake is coming back to haunt him. I am no longer concerned about the game on Sept. 13th.


  8. mcdawg

    i only saw the first half of the SC game and both of those teams looked terrible i certainly hope the dawgs are not as rusty as the gamecocks-we should destroy their O-Line


  9. Dawg19

    What a letdown. My buddies and I went to a sports bar all excited and ready to watch some good college football.

    We are still waiting.

    The South Carolina-NC State game was like watching a lower-classification private high school game. The 3-0 score at halftime was appropriate.


  10. Will

    I think that if South Carolina loses to Vandy two consecutive years, we can officially pull the plug on Spurrier’s efforts to “breathe life” into the program.

    That was one ugly-@$$ game last night.


  11. Re. SI Experts picks…

    Staples picks the Dawgs to win it all (thank you very much) but says it may be a “trendy pick.” Six of the other seven experts picked either Ohio State, USC or Oklahoma. Am I the only one not seeing the “trend?”

    Anyway, last night was a snoozefest but at least it ushered in the season – finally!