Thoughts on Georgia-Georgia Southern

I’m not gonna do the detail thing with this game – for that check out what Jody and Doug have to say – rather, I thought I’d just take a broader look at some things.

Realistically, this is not likely to be a close game.  Chris Hatcher is a sharp guy with a creative offensive mind, but this is a contest that will be determined by the “Jimmies and Joes”, and GSU is both very young and playing without eight suspended players.  Not a good combination.

So here are three areas I’ll be looking at on Saturday::

  1. The Georgia defense. What I like about Hatcher is that he plays with what he’s got.  In other words, he doesn’t have the luxury of a Mike Bobo who can recruit the players he thinks will best fit the scheme he runs, but rather molds his offense around the talent he has available.  Last year that meant a strong running attack;  this year, based on what I heard him tell Coach Donnan on Donnan’s radio show earlier this week, that means a steady dose of throwing the ball.  It’s a controlled passing attack designed to move the chains steadily.  That means the Dawg D has to play with discipline, which sometimes is a quality lacking in an early season game.  Honestly, though, what I’m most interested in evaluating is the level of talent that Martinez has at hand.  The G-Day game hinted at the speed, athleticism and depth of this group.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s there.
  2. The freshman class. The official line is that we may see as many as ten freshman play on Saturday.  Just how good are they and what kinds of contributions are being expected from them?
  3. The mentality of being #1. We all know what the typical Mark Richt domination of a cupcake tends to look like – the game slowly builds into a 20-30 point mismatch, the dogs are called off and from there things kind of fade out.  Given what’s at stake this season, and given that Richt seems to be driven by that, do we finally see a team that goes for the throat of an inferior opponent and doesn’t let up?


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5 responses to “Thoughts on Georgia-Georgia Southern

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I think this is a solid tune-up game for later in the season. A team not good enough to beat us, but will show us a preview of offenses will see down the road this year.


  2. Will

    I’ve always liked that Richt plays lots of underclassmen in these types of games and refuses to run up the score, but I have to say I’d really like to see us crush Georgia Southern in this game. We don’t want to give any voters out there any early reasons to start dropping us.


  3. Ally

    I like Georgia Southern & have a lot of respect for them, mainly because of Erk. But, in this case I completely agree Will. I hope its a dominating win and sets the tone for the season.


  4. In terms of offense, look at the skill guys who will be on the field when we take the starters out:
    pick any 2 or 3 receivers and a tight end from the 2nd or 3rd unit and you have some studs.

    Further, since our young o-line clearly needs plenty of work, I wouldn’t expect mass substitutions there.

    Result, we should be scoring well into the 4th quarter. I think we will reach 48 to 51 points.

    On defense, I would love to see us keep them in single digits regardless of substitutions.



  5. I agree with Ally. It’s hard to work up a good case of “crush em” against a team that Erk Russell coached.

    That being said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow. Should I wear my Blackout t-shirt, my Don’t let me grow up to be a Gator t-shirt, my Hairy Dog official Gator Hater t-shirt given to me personally by Tom Sapp creator of Hairy dog, my plain red Georgia t-shirt or my other plain red Georgia t-shirt?” I would also include my sweat-shirt option, but it’s too hot for that just yet. I already have my lucky charm bracelet and my lucky underwear laid out and ready to go.

    And in case you’re wondering and because type on a computer screen doesn’t indicate it…I just squealed all of that like a 16 year old girl getting ready for prom!

    God I love football season.