Get ’em while you can.

Paul notes here that the demand/cost for a Georgia Southern ticket was unprecedented in his experience.

Based on this post at The Business of College Football, it doesn’t look like prices are going to be any more favorable for the Central Michigan game.

Central Michigan at Georgia Football Tickets 3:30 PM at Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA
Upper Level Sideline 336 $74.00
Price is up from two weeks ago. These are not good seats.
Price survey taken 8/31/08

Granted, next week isn’t a very strong week in college football.  But that’s the highest priced ticket in his survey.



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12 responses to “Get ’em while you can.

  1. thinkingbulldog

    Don’t be surprised if the Cent. Michigan game is postponed if Tropical Storm Hannah becomes a hurricane and is anywhere near the Ga/SC coast by the weekend. Both GA and CM have open dates October 4. By tuesday/wednesday the game may be off.


  2. Aside from 2003, which was a simple expected beatdown, USC/UGA has always been strange in the Richt era. I wonder how a Georgia off-week beforehand will change the equation.

    I will say this- I’d rather not be in a shoot ’em up the week before UT.


  3. Rusi


    What are the options if the game next Saturday against Central Michigan is rained out if Hannah hits the GA coast and comes up to Athens on Saturday as they are predicting?

    Are we just going to have to not play that game?


  4. NM

    Is that really a possibility? A little rain never postponed a football game (see: Tech at Georgia 2004) and that’s all a hurricane would do in Athens, is make it rain a lot. They had to adjust the LSU game because of evacuations from their south, but I can’t imagine Athens is on anybody’s evacuation route (like, say, Columbia might be) and it’s rare to evacuate the GA/SC coast anyway.

    I sure would hate to have to play this game October 4. Right now, it’s part of a good ramp up in difficulty (each of our first four, or maybe six, games being a little more challenging than the last) and that’s kind of nice.


  5. Rusi, I can’t imagine a football game would be cancelled for rain. There’d have to be much more severe weather forecast to cause rescheduling.


  6. S.E. Dawg

    It not about the rain, it’s about thousands of people moving inland out of harms way. Believe me if this thing is a hurricane which the latest track has it to be and coming ashore by Friday I will not be able to make it to the game. Usually have to work when these things threaten. But how it will affect the game, I don’t know. If it becomes a maximum force hurricane it can cause problems even in Athens. Latest track probability has it moving straight toward Athens according to the National Hurricane Prediction Center.


  7. S.E. Dawg

    Update, the track and intensity of the storm has changed according to the NHPC. May make the game after all.


  8. As of mid-day today, 5 of the 6 models show the hurricane hitting somewhere between Jacksonville and Charleston with an arrival time of Thursday evening to Friday around noon.

    5 of the 6 also have the hurricane sitting in North Carolina or Virginia by kickoff on Saturday.

    The 6th model calls for such a southernly track that it doesn’t impact anything….unless you’re watching the game in Montgomery, Al.

    Computer Models:


  9. In other words, the game won’t be affected. Neither will evacuation routes because people will be evacuating well in advance of gameday traffic. And return traffic will be headed the opposite direction of gameday traffic.

    Here’s NOAA’s latest.

    They post the “average” of the 6 models which projects landfall (as of the time of this posting) at around midday Friday in Savannah.

    It’s been my experience that you usually have great weather right after a hurricane blows through. Saturday should be really nice.


  10. thinkingbulldog

    PWD I hope you are right…I’ve plans to take the whole family Saturday.

    Keep in mind, though, the paranoia about hurricanes and that both UGA and Central Michigan have open dates Oct. 4.


  11. Rusi

    Yeah, I wasn’t thinking so much the rain (unless there is lightning) causing the game to be pushed. I was thinking more along those lines of evacuations causing mass movement.

    I live in Saint Simons so I am watching this storm for a lot of reasons. The least of them being the game.


  12. jclem

    Anyone know what time the Dawg Walk will be Sat. for Central Michigan?