Mark Richt doesn’t care what you think of his football team.

Before anyone hyperventilates about how yesterday’s game wasn’t the exercise in total domination that he or she expected (and, believe me, that was a sentiment I heard expressed regularly at the game and on the call-in shows afterwards), take a look at this:

1st Quarter GSU GA
Georgia at 15:00 GSU GA
Blair Walsh kickoff for 70 yards for a touchback. 0 0
Georgia Southern at 14:57 GSU GA
1st and 10 at GSU 20 Lee Chapple pass incomplete to Tim Camp. 0 0
2nd and 10 at GSU 20 Lee Chapple pass incomplete to Samair Baker.
3rd and 10 at GSU 20 Lee Chapple pass complete to Darell Norman for a loss of 4 yards to the GeoSo 16.
4th and 14 at GSU 16 Charlie Edwards punt for 50 yards, returned by Asher Allen for 9 yards to the Geo 43.
DRIVE TOTALS: GeoSo drive: 3 plays -4 yards, 00:56 GeoSo PUNT
Georgia at 14:04 GSU GA
1st and 10 at GA 43 Matthew Stafford pass complete to Kris Durham for 4 yards to the Geo 47. 0 0
2nd and 6 at GA 47 Knowshon Moreno rush for 14 yards to the GeoSo 39 for a 1ST down.
1st and 10 at GSU 39 Knowshon Moreno rush for 1 yard to the GeoSo 38.
2nd and 9 at GSU 38 Matthew Stafford pass complete to A.J. Green for 36 yards to the GeoSo 2 for a 1ST down.
1st and Goal at GSU 2 Knowshon Moreno rush for 2 yards for a TOUCHDOWN. 0 6
Blair Walsh extra point GOOD. 0 7

That’s about as pure a start as a team can have, isn’t it?

Now, let’s go to the next offensive series, which gets capped with this:

4th and 5 at GSU 36 Blair Walsh 52 yard field goal GOOD. 0 10

That’s right, the true freshman kicker with his first collegiate attempt flat out nailed a 52 yard field goal that easily would have been good from another five yards out.

At that point in time, Mark Richt decided to treat the game as a glorified scrimmage.

Georgia at 3:22 GSU GA
1st and 10 at GA 20 Joe Cox pass incomplete to Mohamed Massaquoi. 0 10
2nd and 10 at GA 20 Joe Cox pass complete to Knowshon Moreno for 16 yards to the Geo 36 for a 1ST down.
1st and 10 at GA 36 Richard Samuel rush for a loss of 1 yard, fumbled, recovered by GeoSo Chris Covington at the Geo 35.

Yep – Matt Stafford received a breather before the first quarter was over.

Georgia, the #1 ranked team in the nation, played ten true freshman:  three defensive backs (Williams, Boykin and Commings),  a running back (Samuel), a linebacker (Dowtin), a placekicker (Walsh), two offensive lineman (Jones and Glenn), a defensive lineman (Tyson) and a wideout (Green).

There were four first time starters on the offensive line.  Despite that, Georgia racked up 535 yards on a mere 59 offensive plays (9.1 ypp).  Was it a little sloppy at times?  Sure, except for Moreno, who managed three rushing touchdowns on only eight rushing attempts – the third of which came on a carry to the outside when he scored while being hobbled with cramps – and is absolute money on screens.

It was 38-0 midway through the third quarter.  GSU racked up 185 of its 290 total yards after that point in the game.

It was a rerun of last year’s Troy game.

So, in all deference to Quinton, whose observations about the game I’m in general agreement with,  the question isn’t whether the Dawgs looked like the number one team in the country yesterday.  It’s whether the Dawgs performed in a way to indicate that this isn’t a team that’s worthy of being considered a legitimate national title contender over the course of the season.  I didn’t see anything to suggest that’s the case.  Relax, people.  Things will settle in.



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20 responses to “Mark Richt doesn’t care what you think of his football team.

  1. SSB Charley

    Completely agree, Senator. I’m not some brilliant football mind, but I didn’t notice much on the defensive side of the ball that gave me any concern. 38-0 is a pretty good way to start out, and that says a lot more to me about how good our defense is than does 21 points scored on the second and third team.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    As Molly Shannon used to say on SNL “Simmer Down Now.” Richt’s teams always seem to play to the level of their opposition anyway. If your a player, it’s hard to get excited for a I-AA school when it’s hot as hell. Even Ellerebe said he thought about running that interception out of the end zone but he was so tired he didn’t think he could run that far. We always play a little sloppy in the 1st game anyway, and I haven’t seen to many so far this year that don’t have several things to work on (just ask the chickens).


  3. NebraskaDawg

    Also, Did anyone see Alabama driving their Escalade’s right thru Clemsuck last night. Once again SEC rules, ACC sucks.


  4. JDawg

    True freshman Tavarres King played as well. I’m fairly certain of this, but he didn’t get a ball thrown his way.


  5. Jim

    On the other hand, we repeatedly talk about our depth and the talent of our new recruits. Yet, when our first string (just some of them) leaves the game, we give up points and yards. If we do well this season, it will be the offense carrying the defense not the other way around. Tennessee is going to pound it up the middle on us.


  6. here’s my impression of the game:

    -as much as I hate Tripp Chandler he was solid

    -UGA VII falling asleep in the third truly was an awesome metaphor….I wish a newspaper wouldve published a pic of it

    -did it seem like Richt was almost hiding talented people? I was almost like people would come into the game, make a good play or two and get yanked shortly thereafter as if he didn’t want opposition knowing our capabilities….or maybe he was just trying to play everyone and keep people fresh…maybe both

    -Asher Allen returning punts was very encouraging, however after seeing Logan Gray run, I gotta say I love the idea of him returning punts

    -is it just me or have we seen neither hide nor hair of Israel Troupe for a while now…is he just not performing up to expectations or is AJ Green THAT good?

    -delighted to see Durham getting playing time.


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  8. Jim is miserable

    dam Jim, unclench em


  9. Ally

    After yesterday’s results can someone PLEASE point out to CMR & Fabris that the directional kicks do NOT work and will possibly kill us this year.

    Georgia Southern was never forced to start behind the 20. Not good enough.

    We now know Blair Walsh has a leg made of steel, so let’s use it!


  10. Ally

    evan –

    Catfish and Cornbread posted a pic of Uga VII sleeping in his dawghouse, fyi.


  11. Thanks for shedding a little more light on the game for me. Being stuck in the wilds of Michigan I didn’t have access to the television broadcast and even though I paid my hard earned money to listen to the game on, I was unable to get the radio feed until AFTER the game was over. Nooooo…I’m NOT mad about that at all. Anyway, I was relegated to watching the little football move up and down the tiny field with blurbs on who did what on So…the fact that you’ve elucidated some of those little blurbs makes me joyous indeed.


  12. HVL Dawg

    Evan- Were one of the rednecks booing Trip last year on his own field?


  13. gharley

    will there be a televised replay of the game?


  14. Xon

    I was in a similar boat as Cindy. No tv and no radio (I did get to a sports bar with Gameplan for most of the second half, though). Simply watching the updates on my cellphone and online, the points and stats racked up pretty consistently, and I was feeling pretty thrilled. Then I come online and people are all “ho-hum” about the game.

    We had long plays. We got out to a 38-0 lead while playing everybody. Yes, we had too many penalties and as usual our backup-backups got torched after it was over. But so what? This is WHY young kids need experience. I imagine it’s jittery out there, it’s hot out there, and it’s hard to remember exactly what your assignments are in the midst of the flow when you were playing high school ball nine months ago. Thus, some garbage scores late. Saying that this means we are going to get worked over by SEC runners is a bit melodramatic, isn’t it?

    Is this like the Nixon-Kennedy debate? If you saw it live, you thought UGA (Nixon, in this analogy) looked mediocre, but if you watched it through internet updates, you thought they dominated?


  15. dc

    cindy- you can watch the entire game live & for free on i think they still have the archive up, too.


  16. God bless you dc.


  17. NebraskaDawg

    I was able to listen to the GBRN on a Chattanooga radio station on the internet.


  18. fred russo

    could some one please tell me if Saturdays game will be rerun some time this week?


  19. Jim

    Well, life is put in perspective. Gone to New Orleans to help my mother. Go Dawges


  20. Jim – you and your mom stay safe and be careful…