Yesterday’s one-liners

Observations and questions from what I saw from Saturday’s games:

  • Is Nick Saban underpaid, or is Clemmins overrated?
  • I really like Chase Daniel’s game.
  • But I don’t think Missouri has a national title caliber defense.
  • Just how wretched is the ACC going to be this year?
  • When’s the last time Michigan lost two straight home openers?
  • This has not been a good week for the new coaching hires.
  • When your team loses to a school whose starting QB notches a 15 for 40, 161 yards performance and whose name is Taylor Bennett, that ain’t good.
  • I’m glad my trip to Charlottesville fell through.
  • If Dave Wannstedt isn’t the most overrated head football coach ever, he’s at least in the top five.
  • At least we won’t have Hawaii to argue about this season.
  • 13 of 27, 85 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, against Louisiana-Monroe.  Man, that Tony Franklin spread offense is hell on wheels.
  • Ty Willingham, dead man walking.


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9 responses to “Yesterday’s one-liners

  1. Ally

    So glad I never drank the orange & purple Kool-aid. Clemsux is what they have been under Tammy, mediocre AT BEST. And to think that’s the best the ACC has to offer…Ouch!

    Yay for Pitt losing. ALways a good day when Mark May experiences a FAIL.

    Not impressed with Auburn offense, but their D looked pretty good. They scored more than the O so that’s something I guess.

    Very impressed with Bama. JPW stil makes some idiotic throws, but Ingram will be tough to stop. Julio was okay, but AJ Green is better. Bama’s D reminded me of Saban’s time at LSU.

    Good day in the Dooley house today.


  2. As much as we all love SMQ, the “bet on it” stamp he put on Clemson this year is a big pile of not-so-much. Those who defend Clemson when we all pile on usually say that the Tiggers actually finish stronger than we think they do…but that’s not the point. The point is that Clemson always does just enough to put themselves out of national relevance, and that Clemson has a knack for getting run over in areas that should be strengths.

    Thunder! Lightening! Thunder! Lightening! Are these two really even better than Moreno/King? Hell, as my Bama buddy told me last night, they don’t look any better than Moreno/me.


  3. NCT

    I’m with you on Pitt, Ally. I’ve never been one to rant and rave about the media’s sports “experts”, but May has been working really hard to make me hate him. Did anyone hear him this past week on ESPN’s CF Live when he laughed off UGA’s Sugar Bowl win because Hawaii was so obviously overmatched? Holtz said something like, “They weren’t overmatched before the game.” I wish they’d shown a clip of May’s Sugar Bowl preview comments. What a tool.


  4. Senator,

    Houston Nutt had a pretty good debut. He has some offensive tools, including a really good line, to work with and may have a decent season.

    Not disappointed to see Petrino suck it.


  5. Robert

    Amen NCT,

    I kept playing that same Mark May clip in my head after he made that statement. He’s quick to point out Lou Holtz’s bad picks(Notre Dame, 11 wins this season? …What?) but he sure has a short memory about his own bombs.

    Maybe he should actually watch an SEC game, that does not involve Florida.


  6. Re. Petrino… I forgot that Arky actually came from behind to beat Western Illinois. But that is still an inauspicious start for the nomad.


  7. I’m loving my bowl picks right now. Hell, even the Clemson pick ain’t so craptacular given how bad everyone not named Wake looks.

    Sure…Clemson sucks, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be King of the Losers.

    Speaking of Taylor Bennett. When your starting QB couldn’t beat Taylor Bennett out for the starting job at Georgia Tech. It’s probably a bad sign when he’s leading your comeback hopes. I’m looking at you Michigan.


  8. How bizarre is it right now that Wake Forest legitimately looks like the class of the ACC?


  9. And how hard would the rest of us be laughing if we ended up with a WFU-GT rematch in this year’s ACC title game? It absolutely could happen.

    Ugly doesn’t even begin to describe that conference. There’s a case to be made that they’re no better than the Mountain West at this point.