Final game participation numbers

The final number on the official site looks like 69.  Here’s the list:

SE 16 Kris Durham
SE 88 Kenneth Harris
LT 75 Kiante Tripp
LG 72 Vince Vance
C 63 Chris Davis
RG 71 Cordy Glenn
RT 78 Josh Davis
TE 86 Tripp Chandler
FL 1 M. Massaquoi
TB 24 Knowshon Moreno
QB 7 M. Stafford

DE 41 Rod Battle
DT 95 Jeff Owens
DT 56 Geno Atkins
DE 55 Jeremy Lomax
SLB 51 Akeem Dent
MLB 33 Dannell Ellerbe
WLB 35 Rennie Curran
SCB 2 Asher Allen
FS 9 Reshad Jones
SS 5 CJ Byrd
WCB 3 Bryan Evans

Georgia: 2B-Marquise Brown, 3K-John Knox, 3D-Kalvin Daniels, 4-Caleb King, 5N-Casey Nickels, 6D-Matt. DeGenova, 6-Logan Gray, 8-A.J. Green, 10-Zach Renner, 11-Ramarcus Brown, 12-Tavarres King, 14-Joe Cox, 15-Benjamin Boyd, 17-Chad Gloer, 19-S. Commings, 20-Brandon Boykin, 22-Richard Samuel, 23-Prince Miller, 25-Vance Cuff, 26-Tony Wilson, 28-Israel Troupe, 32-Brian Mimbs, 37-Akeem Hebron, 38-Marcus Dowtin, 39-Nick Williams, 42-Justin Houston, 46-Justin Fields, 47-Andrew Williams, 49-Shaun Chapas, 50-Darryl Gamble, 54-T. Strickland, 57-Blair Walsh, 58-Demarcus Dobbs, 59-Bo Fowler, 61-Ben Jones, 69-Andrew Gully, 74-Kevin Perez, 79-Justin Anderson, 81-Aron White, 82-Michael Moore, 85-Demiko Goodman, 87-Vernon Spellman, 90-Corvey Irvin, 94-DeAngelo Tyson, 97-Brandon Wood, 98-R. Crawford, 99-Jarius Wynn.

The names of the true freshmen who participated are a little different than the first ones published, but it still looks like 10 or so played.

By the way, I haven’t seen a replay of the play that saw Jeff Owens go out for the season, but please tell me that Trey Dunmon wasn’t in on it.



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2 responses to “Final game participation numbers

  1. BCDawg97

    On the Owens injury – it was a run play to the left (right side of the D). I believe he sort of hopped over a player (didn’t look like he was engaged with anyone) and he just planted kind of stiff legged and that was it. It actually looked like he sort of hyperextended it a bit at first. Saw it on CSS yesterday afternoon. But it was only on the corner of the screen and was a bit hard to follow.


  2. He was chasing the play and jumped over a fallen Eagle player. He landed on a stiff right leg with all of his weight moving in one direction and his knee buckled inward – hence the ACL. It wasn’t gruesome, but you could tell that some damage was done before he hit the ground. He was not in contact with any other player when it happened. Sadly, he was showing great hustle and that got him hurt.