The first of many

A. J. Green’s first touchdown catch:

Yeah, nice pushoff, but the d-back wasn’t exactly playing hands off, either.


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4 responses to “The first of many

  1. Dr. Ray

    I love the classy hand-off to the ref, reminds me of Barry Sanders. This kid is very likable and easy to pull for.


  2. dean

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been trying to tell my gamecock co-workers about this catch but couldn’t do it justice. Now I can show them


  3. E

    The best part about the catch is how effortless he makes it look. This will be a formidable weapon in the red zone.

    I also like seeing MoMass lifting AJ up at the end. Kind of reinforces what we’ve been reading in the papers about their brotherly relationship.


  4. chefboyardee

    Good no-call by the ref. It wasn’t so much a pushoff as it was hand check.