The way you do the things you do.

Reviewing the whole “Tommy loses to Saban; Tommy calls Saban” story, Kevin over at gives Bowden an excellent piece of advice.

… I would have told him to get the ball to Spiller and Davis more than eight times a game.

Take a peek at this handy-dandy chart:

Florida State 18 11
Louisiana-Monroe 7 6
Furman 9 9
N.C. State 24 21
Georgia Tech 12 9
Virginia Tech 6 6
Central Michigan 22 15
Maryland 29 17
Duke 8 8
Wake Forest 21 8
Boston College 12 11
USC 23 16
Auburn 23 8
TOTAL 214 139

Does anything stand out against… say… Georgia Tech? Virginia Tech? Boston College? Auburn?

In Clemson’s four losses, either Davis or Spiller had single-digit carries. While that may work out against the Duke’s and FCS teams of the world (where the duo spent more time rooting than rushing), it won’t win you games against quality opponents.

So what did Bowden call against Alabama?

Alabama 6 2

Look familiar?

Bowden didn’t put his team in a position to win because he took the ball out of the hands of his two brightest stars.

It’s not like this was a surprise.  So what was he thinking?

Along the same lines, check out the box score from the Tennessee-UCLA game.

Team Stat Comparison
1st Downs 20 20
3rd down efficiency
5-17 9-19
4th down efficiency
1-1 0-0
Total Yards 366 288
Passing 189 259
19-42 25-43
Yards per pass
4.5 6.0
Rushing 177 29
Rushing Attempts
34 31
Yards per rush
5.2 0.9

The UT offensive brain trust, with a QB completing less than fifty percent of his pass attempts, is directing traffic in such a way that the team gains more yardage on a per play basis running the ball than passing it, yet decides to throw the ball eight more plays than it rushes.  Again, what in the hell are they thinking?

Is it ego, stubbornness, stupidity or what?  At the least, it’s the difference between having an offense with a catchy nickname… and Norm Chow up in the booth constructing a winning gameplan with a bunch of odds and ends.



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2 responses to “The way you do the things you do.

  1. dean

    If I were Tommy and had arguably the best running back duo in the country you would have to stop those guys for 4 quarters. If you stop my best playmakers for 4 quarters then hats off to you but you better believe I’m coming at you with those 2 all night (or day). Plus what was with all the shifting and motion. You’re not fooling any D1 teams with that crap, anymore, and you’re definitely not fooling Nick Saban.

    My advice for Tommy would be to quit trying to be “pretty” on offense and just line up and say here we come. Stop us if you can.

    But what do I know? I’m a desk jockey.


  2. CLTDawg

    Watching Clawson call that game reminded me of Donnan. He spent the whole game trying so hard to show everyone how smart he was and that he belonged, that in the end, he only outsmarted himself.