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Central Michigan musings

If you want details, Jody and Doug do their usual thorough, well-written jobs, so start there.

In essence, there should be a definite sense of déjà vu watching this game unfold (minus the injuries, I hope).  Sure, CMU is a MAC team, not a 1-AA school, but the Chippewas’ lack of depth and weak defense should take us into the same scoring territory we entered last week with the Dawgs.

There’s been one interesting development that’s cropped up since those posts were penned – DeAngelo Tyson has moved into the two deep at defensive tackle, per Coach Garner.  Aside from that, I’ll be watching to see how well Rennie Curran gets to know Dan LeFevour.


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Blogospheric wanderings

Let’s meander.

  • The Wiz, with the help of cfbstats.com, digs into the early effect of the new clock rules, and finds “(a)lthough the data sample remains small, it’s pointing toward shorter games and fewer plays in 2008.” But they promised that wouldn’t happen!
  • Over at Garnet and Black Attack, here’s reason #1 why South Carolina will win in Nashville:  “1. It’s Vanderbilt. They never win. Never mind.” It’s the honest moments you cherish.
  • HeismanPundit’s cry from the heart about the Pac-10 being the Rodney Dangerfield of college football is certainly powerful (“SEC Jingoism must stop!”), and I agree with his premise that the Pac-10’s record against the SEC over the last ten years gives credence to his point, but has he noticed what the conferences’ all-time records against each other are?
  • Dan Steinberg breaks down the last LVSC poll and looks at which schools in the top 25 Vegas is overvaluing and undervaluing.  It’s interesting that he sees Georgia as the most serious issue right now.


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I know that you know that I know…

This comes off a little strangely.

Here’s what Alabama defensive end Lorenzo Washington of Loganville told the Birmingham News about playing Clemson in Atlanta this past weekend.

“I saw Coach [Mark] Richt there at the game,” Washington said. “My friends who were at the game said he was texting the whole game and had [scouting] stuff written up on his arm. People are starting to think about us.”

“Stuff written up on his arm”?


UPDATE: Give the man some high tech credit.


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