Central Michigan musings

If you want details, Jody and Doug do their usual thorough, well-written jobs, so start there.

In essence, there should be a definite sense of déjà vu watching this game unfold (minus the injuries, I hope).  Sure, CMU is a MAC team, not a 1-AA school, but the Chippewas’ lack of depth and weak defense should take us into the same scoring territory we entered last week with the Dawgs.

There’s been one interesting development that’s cropped up since those posts were penned – DeAngelo Tyson has moved into the two deep at defensive tackle, per Coach Garner.  Aside from that, I’ll be watching to see how well Rennie Curran gets to know Dan LeFevour.



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9 responses to “Central Michigan musings

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Anyone know anything about TV for this game? Is it still PPV and Gameplan?


  2. kckd

    It is on the fox sports network. I don’t know about satellite packages as I don’t live in the states. But I know my dad gets it with his regular Satellite package from dish network in Georgia. I think it’s on the same channel the Braves come on when they are on Fox.

    And it is also on gameplan.

    About DT: Who would’ve thought he’d make a bigger impact than the other big Def. T in GA that everyone raved about at the end.


  3. Joe

    Was last week the first bad game that Rennie Curran has had as a Dawg? I cannot remember him making a single play. I hope that his lack of playmaking was not a result of Owens going down early, or we will be in big trouble in a week or two.


  4. dean

    I think Rennie understands the defense much better this year. He’s not out there just flying around like he was last year. Whether that’s good or bad, we’ll see. Plus I don’t remember a lot plays coming his way when he was out there.


  5. Boz

    I suspect Tyson has moved up the chart because he’s needed now more than in camp when he was projected to red shirt. The talent has always been there… at one time, recruiting services had him higher than DaQuan Bowers.


  6. chefboyardee

    Rennie was invisible Saturday (and I watched the game on TV). But that’s so un-Rennie-like I’m going to assume it was a combination of getting freshmen some PT and Willie Martinez keeping things close to the vest defensively. I sure HOPE that’s what it was, because I see Rennie as being a key to the season.


  7. Darryl Strawberry

    Rennie will be fine.

    However, the only play i remember him being a part of was when he missed the tackle of the GaSouthern RB on our 10 yd line…


  8. CLTDawg

    This week’s game will be on DirecTV channel 646. The coverage begins at 12 noon with several specials on UGAVII, CMR, and the team, with kickoff at 3:30.


  9. David

    “I woke up like 3 o’clock in the morning. I was like, ‘We just lost to Vanderbilt….” (Captain Munnerlyn, USA Today, 9/4/08)


    Did Bobby Johnson say “we beat South Carolina, it’s not like we beat some big team…”