I know that you know that I know…

This comes off a little strangely.

Here’s what Alabama defensive end Lorenzo Washington of Loganville told the Birmingham News about playing Clemson in Atlanta this past weekend.

“I saw Coach [Mark] Richt there at the game,” Washington said. “My friends who were at the game said he was texting the whole game and had [scouting] stuff written up on his arm. People are starting to think about us.”

“Stuff written up on his arm”?


UPDATE: Give the man some high tech credit.



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8 responses to “I know that you know that I know…

  1. peacedog

    A “little”?


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Why would he bother scouting or writing up his arm during the game when he has the entire game televised to watch on DVR later?


  3. Burton Dawg

    Actually I have heard CMR at a road show a couple of years ago say he writes reminders on his hands . He calls it his “palm pilot”.

    He probably was taking notes for Tommy B.


  4. Ally

    Just curious, were Lorenzo’s “friends” in the private suite with CMR?

    Keep talking Lorenzo. It worked out brilliantly for Wallace Gillberry last year 😉


  5. dean

    Where exactly were these friends sitting that they could see scouting stuff written on Richt’s arm while he’s sitting in a suite “high above” the field?


  6. dean

    Sorry Ally. I didn’t mean to repeat your comment. I had minimized the screen this morning before I submitted my comment. But we’re on the same page.


  7. Ally & Dean,

    I think they were sitting in Jimmy Johns’ box. He may not be using it for a while . . .

    And even if true, scouting info from the first game of the year would have to be the least useful intelligence on a mid-season opponent that I could imagine. Somehow I doubt Saban has time to worry about this, well, you know.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Richt wasn’t in a private box, he was in the upper deck above one of the end zones.

    Lorenzo Washington can stuff it as far as I’m concerned.