Auditioning for the Rockettes

This is a photo just waiting to be farked.

(Gerry Melendez/

(Gerry Melendez/


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7 responses to “Auditioning for the Rockettes

  1. Joe

    I don’t see any way that “Shooter” Garcia is not starting for Scu next Saturday. This is literally the end of the line for Spurrier. He will do anything possible to pull out a win against the team that DOMINATED him in his 1966 “Cocktail Party.”


  2. Nicely done, sir. Hubba hubba!


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  4. Robert

    1) Steve Spurrier demonstrates how to execute a punt WITHOUT having it blocked.

    2) In my best HBC voice- “Just a little bit further and I can finally kick myself in the head! YEP!”

    3) You must be at least ‘this’ tall to ride the South Carolina seasonal rollercoaster.


  5. Bob

    Steve Spurrier gives sideline lessons on proper field goal kicking techniques after hearing that UT’s Daniel Lincoln had made the trip over from Knoxville to observe Succop in the Vandy game.


  6. dean

    Hat tip to you Senator. I couldn’t resist sending this picture w/ caption to my gamecock co-workers.

    I know this is not a “You supply the caption” post but I can’t resist. “Spurrier shown here demonstrating how Vandy kick the gamecocks square in the nuts.”