Now is the autumn of his discontent.

From Chris Low’s SEC blog:

… There are bad losses, and then there are bad losses. This one will resonate for a while with Steve Spurrier, who’s simply is not wired to lose four or five games a season. He is definitely not wired to lose to Vanderbilt in consecutive seasons.

The frustration is growing, and you could hear it as loud and clear in what he said Thursday following the Gamecocks’ 24-17 loss to the Commodores as you ever have since he returned to college football in 2005.

Insert snark about big, physical team here.	(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Insert snark about "big, powerful team" here. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Watching the teams trot off the field at halftime, it never occurred to me that Vandy would come back.  The Commodores showed almost nothing on offense – and in fact would finish the game with only 225 yards total offense.  Yet they won.  A Spurrier coached team has lost two games in a row to Vanderbilt.

I have no idea how the ‘Cocks respond to this.  The OBC knows that a win in Columbia against Georgia would turn the season around on a dime, but given how badly damaged his team’s psyche has to be right now, that’s a monumental task, at least in terms of motivation.  Rallying the troops has never struck me as a Spurrier strong suit (mainly because he’s never really been in that position very much).  And the McKinley injury doesn’t help.

Just how long do you think Spurrier stomachs quotes like this one from the coach that beat him last night – again?

“I was surprised so many people thought it would be real hard for us to beat them,” Johnson said. “We beat them last year, and I don’t know why everybody thought they got so much better than we were getting.”

Needless to say, this will be interesting to watch.


UPDATE: Sorry, but I couldn’t resist posting this quote from’s Bill Trocchi.

… Spurrier is 11-14 in the SEC with the Gamecocks — 6-11 since his first season. Not only are the Gamecocks failing to climb the SEC East ladder behind Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, it appears Vanderbilt is coming up from behind.

Somehow, I don’t believe that was the legacy Spurrier intended when he took the job.


UPDATE #2: Barnhart urges caution.

… And here is my first early warning to my Georgia friends. If you’re feeling more confident about the Gamecocks because they lost to Vanderbilt last night, don’t. We’ll have more on that next week.

Should we feel less confident?  Stay tuned.


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24 responses to “Now is the autumn of his discontent.

  1. God this result made me so happy. I’m Down Under so didn’t get to see the game. Did the OBC cry? Come on, tell me he cried.


  2. dean

    I guess Captain Munnerlyn was up early again this morning.

    What does Spurrier try to build off of from this game? I really can’t think of anything positive for them to take from this game. The O-line was worst than awful, Smelly stunk and the defense (which Dr. Lou called the best in the SEC) gave up 21 points in the 2nd half to VANDERBILT.


  3. Honestly, I think he tries to rally the team around who it plays next.


  4. Chris A

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. I believe karma is catching up w/Spurrier and all the mean things he has said about everyone in the past.


  5. NebraskaDawg

    I like what the Old Ball Sack is doing for the chickens…… nothing!


  6. peacedog

    I Agree Senator, I think h says “to right our ship we start by taking someone else off course. . . ” and blah blah blah about us being their second biggest rival (though I’m not so sure we’re far off from Clemson).

    The Johnson quote, by the way, is utterly priceless when you look at Spurrier’s commentary I think it was after the UGA game last year (about how beating UGA wasn’t a big deal).


  7. BCDawg97

    My worry is that this sets up a bit like 04 LSU/UT. If we blowout CM (like we did LSU) following that up with a team that had a disappointing loss the week before (UT to Auburn, SC to Vandy), that we aren’t going to take them serious enough. SC is still talented (and I use that term loosely) that if we underestimate them, we could get in trouble.


  8. SC beat Georgia at home last year. I don’t think MR is going to have trouble getting his guys to take the ‘Cocks seriously.


  9. Let’s remember we were a couple of ball bounces away from being a team that lost to Vanderbilt in consecutive years. I agree that Spurrier’s head must be exploding, but Vanderbilt behind Bobby Johnson may just be a (slightly) different animal than we’re used to.


  10. Richt-Flair

    We’ll have a much more potent running and passing game than Vandy threw out there last night. Is that being overconfident? If the Dawgs aren’t motivated by losing to these guys last yr, don’t know what it’d take to get them motivated


  11. UgaMatt

    Let me save idiot chicken fans the trouble and respond for them: 16-12. Get it in while you can cocks; payback is coming in a big way.


  12. Shorter almost every Barnhart post:

    Georgia fans, I know you like rooting for your team. But here’s a bunch of hacky reasons why you should temper your enthusiasm.


  13. 81Dog

    you know, South Carolina under Spurrier recruits all these great players every year, and they’re ranked higher than the players Vandy recruits, but when South Carolina plays Vandy, Vandy seems to win every year. How does that happen?


    Tommy Bowden is going to call the Head Ball Coach today and say thanks for taking him off the front page in South Carolina, btw.


  14. RicoSuaveGreenville

    I watched the Cock/’Dores game with my 89-year old Grandfather, a Vandy alumnus. He said at halftime, that if Vandy came back and won that “he might just get drunk”. Big win for the ‘Dores. BTW, I know see why Greg Billinger ended up at Vanderbilt. He is the man there. At UGA, he’d be fighting for playing time with Crawford and Wood.


  15. JDawg

    They were already looking forward to the UGA game. They were just victims of overlooking opponents. They will be prepared to come out and play a very tough, physical game with UGA.


  16. kckd

    Barnhart loves that whole Steve hates UGA thing, and I’ll bet he mentions it more than once in the coming week.


  17. dean

    Honestly, I think he tries to rally the team around who it plays next.

    You’re right. Best to forget that game and move on. I’m sure knocking off the # 2 team in the nation will be plenty of motivation for the chickens this week. Plus knowing Spurrier he’s probably been practicing for us, little by little, since fall camp started.


  18. Simply wanting revenge didn’t work for South Carolina last night just like it didn’t work for us against Tennessee last year. If we think we’re going to waltz past the Gamecocks next week just because we supposedly want it worse, we’re going to get a rude awakening, SC’s loss to Vanderbilt notwithstanding.

    All that said, I still find it delicious that Spurrier is now the only coach in D-IA other than Miami-Ohio’s Shane Montgomery to own an active losing streak against Vandy. That there’s some schadenfreude so rich and creamy I’d dip my Zaxby’s chicken fingers in it if I could.


  19. JasonC

    So is Bobby Johnson the next head coach at Clemson?


  20. I agree with Doug. The USC game just got more interesting with no question. If CSS loses to us, then it is beginning of the end (if you don’t believe losing to Vandy two years in a row is already that sign). If CSS wants to keep cashing those big checks and playing golf every Sunday, he needs a W and nothing will be left in the cupboard (trick plays, motivational tools etc).

    Just my opinion, if we could get up early by 10-14, they could implode big time. If we let them take the lead early and/or hang around, it could really get interesting in the 4th Q.

    This is why I love college football and the SEC. Our schedule got tougher by both USC losing AND by Vandy winning. Go Dawgs!!


  21. Just my opinion, if we could get up early by 10-14, they could implode big time. If we let them take the lead early and/or hang around, it could really get interesting in the 4th Q.

    Don’t want to be too guilty of looking ahead, but I agree that this may be the big key to the game. Not so much psychologically speaking, but more from the standpoint of I’m not sure they’ve got the offense for a big comeback.

    Of course, psychologically, I’d love for one of the early scores to be on a deep ball to A. J. Green. With Captain Munnerlyn whistled for pass interference on the play…


  22. Prd UGA Mom

    Jason C: Next coach at Clemson or maybe Carolina!!!!


  23. I think Steve Spurrier will have this team massively ready to play us. Let us not forget that no matter how much a Spurrier team is suffering, they ALWAYS play their best against UGA. I’m sure he’ll tell them about his heisman season when UGA spoiled it, or about how he hung half a hundred on us.

    This SC game is one of the ones I am most nervous about. LSU, Tenn, Florida, Alabama, Auburn – those are all tough games, but losing one of them is “acceptable” to the media. Losing to SC will not be.

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