Under review

I’ll have the DVR cranked up today to follow the day’s doings after I get back from Athens.  Rather than make predictions (which I stink at), I’ll give you a list of questions I’ll be looking for answers to.

  • West Virginia at East Carolina. Is East Carolina’s defense that decent, or was Virginia Tech’s offense that bad?
  • Southern Mississippi at Auburn. I’m a little surprised by the point spread on this one.  Fedora has a pretty good offensive mind.  I think the Golden Eagles score more than many think, which makes this a test for the Tony Franklin offense to live up to the hype – with a quarterback who isn’t particularly mobile and is coming off a dead arm in the preseason.  Should Auburn really be a 17.5 point favorite?
  • Mississippi at Wake Forest. On a smaller scale, this is the same sort of matchup we saw in the ‘Bama-Clemmins game, except this time the ACC team has the better coach.  Do the Rebs make a game of it?
  • Miami at Florida. No, with a quarterback getting his first start in a road game at the Swamp, this one won’t be particularly close.  But how’s Percy Harvin’s heel?
  • Stanford at Arizona State. Will this game be closer than many people thought before the season it would be?
  • Georgia Tech at Boston College. How does Paul Johnson’s offensive scheme look in its first real test of ’08?
  • San Diego State at Notre Dame. San Diego State is cannon fodder.  How much will the media overreact to a Notre Dame win?
  • Texas A & M at New Mexico. The Aggies lost at home to Arkansas State.  Now they’re going on the road to play a tougher opponent.  Could the Mike Sherman era start out 0-2?
  • Cincinnati at Oklahoma. The Bearcats have proven pesky against top 10 teams lately.  Can they stay with the Sooners?


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3 responses to “Under review

  1. DirkDawggler

    Certainly not a slate full of marquee games this week, but Auburn better watch out. They have a habit of going down early in the year.


  2. kckd

    1. WVU vs. ECU- Looks like ECU’s defense is darn good.

    2. Yeah, the spread was too much, barely.

    3. I’m not so sure about WF having the best coach, both are very good and Nutt almost got a huge win. To this point, he looks to have a better season than Petrino does with his ex.

    4. Hmm, right and wrong on this one. Game score was not close, the game itself was much closer and Urbs of course did his best to try and hide it. Of course, who can blame him considering SC was ranked last week after their abysmal game with NCSt. And USC jumped us because according to one voter GSU’s offense moved it up and down the field on us all game. Maybe those FGs with seconds left on the clock in a twenty point game aren’t meaningless.

    5. Nope, A St. looks like a souped up CMU. No defense, lot of offense. Except better version more than likely on both sides.

    6. OK, as BC wins are usually ugly and hard fought no matter who is playing them.

    7. If anything they will overreact negatively at an almost ND loss. They were inches away from it. Luck of the Irish.

    8. That one, I thought about looking it up, but I really don’t care. I hope we never play Texas A and M as it will probably mean we’ve had a really, really disappointing season.

    9. Pesky for a half and that’s about it.

    Considering that there weren’t any real marquis games this week, still pretty good.


  3. AceG8tr

    Percy’s heel is just fine, thanks for asking!