“And I redshirted him anyway.”

(photo courtesy Ben Gray / bgray@ajc.com)

(photo courtesy Ben Gray / bgray@ajc.com)

That was nothing short of a tour de force we got out of Knowshon Moreno yesterday.  After watching his athleticism, his pass receiving skills, his ability as a punishing pass protector and his superb instincts (was anybody really surprised to see it was Moreno who fell on Goodman’s fumble in the endzone on that downfield pass play in the second quarter?), I’m having a difficult time laying off the “best back at Georgia since Herschel” comments.

It’s gonna be a fun ride this year.



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16 responses to ““And I redshirted him anyway.”

  1. SonuvaDawg

    I’ll say it. “Knowshon Moreno is the best back at UGA since Herschel”

    The announcers on FSN yesterday were getting pretty carried away saying that KnoMo may have had better lateral speed than HW…. Not so sure about that because HW was the perfect combination of speed power and acceleration. HW is the measuring stick by which all others are measured (in college not just UGA).

    KnoMo is definitely elite and special.


  2. Beak

    I think we win the s.c game last year if he had a year experience and was the full blown starter going into the season last year, hindsight, yada yada


  3. Fantastic pic. That hurdle was electric. By far got the biggest jolt out of the crowd all day long. The noise is back in Sanford. That was the loudest it’s been in there since the blackout. I think my ears are still ringing…..Go Dawgs!!!


  4. JDog

    I’m being a bit of conspiracy theorist here, but I wasn’t watching ESPN real closely, so perhaps I missed it. Yesterday throughout the day whenever I saw the UGA-Cent Mich recap, they never showed Knowshon’s hurdle. Think that was deliberate?


  5. Frank

    I completely agree. I told my buddy at the game that “The Hurdle” was the type of thing that gives us visibility across the nation (including those pesky Montanans). Sure enough though when we got home from the game, ESPN only showed one play from the game and it wasn’t Knowshon. Then on Sportscenter after UF played, they finally showed our game (without “The Hurdle”) after the third commercial break, which was well after the Marshall Wisconsin thiller and SDSU ND blowout. Piss on ESPN.


  6. dan

    They showed the highlight of the long touchdown by Knowshown mostly. I never saw the hurdle. From here on out, they will have to show our highlights, and show them early and often.


  7. Daryl

    “The Hurdle” didn’t even make the top 10 plays of the day on ESPN. WTF?!?


  8. dan

    sorry, Knowshon.


  9. Yeah, well done ESPN. Thanks for hiding what so far is the play of the season in college football.


  10. watcher16

    *#&$ ESPN

    on another note, can you link the article for that South Carolina quote of the day, Senator?


  11. RedCrake

    The Hurdle doesn’t make Top Plays. At least we got to see Wake Forest kick a 41 yd field goal.


  12. The three main college football writers at ESPN:

    Mark Schlabach:

    Pat Forde

    Ivan Maisel

    Write to them and tell them you are unhappy with the current lack of coverage for UGA’s games. Also note the absurd loss of #1 votes from the USA/Coaches poll.

    If they get feedback, it might help.

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  13. S.E. Dawg

    ESPN needs some compitition. Has anyone seen Ted Turner?


  14. kckd

    Sonuva, Knowshon definitely has better lateral speed than Herschel. Not foot speed, but the ability to cut without decelerating??? Not even close. The same way that sheer footspeed it’s not even close in Herschel’s favor.


  15. Joe

    Just keep going to Youtube and looking at the Hurdle. It already has 15000 views today. I predict 100,000+ by the Scu game. Verne may soil himself talking about it next Saturday.

    Trust me, what ESPN does not do for us, CBS will. That is why we just signed that 15 Year contract.


  16. I’m a happy Michigan camper right now. With all the Georgia paraphernalia on my vehicle and the Big G flag flying outside my home, I’m always in danger of having my tires slashed. Right now, CMU fans could do it and it wouldn’t put a damper on my happiness. It’s GREAT to be a Bulldog.