Some (non-Moreno) impressions from the CMU game

Obviously, it’s not worth reading too much into another game where it was obvious early on that Georgia’s opponent was overmatched, but, still, there were a few items of interest.

  • Stafford’s decision making has improved from last year, which is reflected in his zero interceptions and the top passing efficiency rating among conference starters to date.  His run saving the third and long on Georgia’s one yard line was something you might not have seen out of him earlier in his career.
  • If Dobbs doesn’t get in the end zone on that interception, the final score would have been 56-10.
  • Asher Allen’s grab of that line drive rugby punt was a terrific play.  That was a difficult ball to handle.
  • You think Spurrier wouldn’t mind having Dan LeFevour as his starting quarterback right now?
  • He blew his blocking assignment on a screen to Moreno and he’s still feeling his way around, but I had no problem with A. J. Green starting.  Being six foot four with soft hands and body control makes up for a lot.
  • There were some disappointing moments on defense.  Battle allowed himself to be taken out of plays on occasion.  Evans and Miller were erratic and blew coverages on a couple of deep balls.
  • The pass rush was better on review than it appeared at the game.  LeFevour did a good job of getting rid of the ball at the last minute, which kept the sack count down – but he did get hit.
  • Kickoff coverage leaves a lot to be desired.  All but two of CMU’s possessions started outside of its thirty.


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4 responses to “Some (non-Moreno) impressions from the CMU game

  1. RedCrake

    I know I probably won’t be able to say this for much longer, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can:

    1st in Scoring Offense
    1st in Total Offense
    2nd in Rushing Offense
    2nd in Passing Offense
    1st in Passing Efficiency
    1st in First Downs
    1st in 3rd Down Conversions

    And it’s not like the other SEC squads have been playing hardcore BCS competition. Middle of the road in most defensive categories, but GSU and CMU are both teams that run up the yardage if not the score. Perhaps those stats would be better if we were playing such current ACC powerhouses as Virginia and Miami.


  2. NCT

    I’m with you on those numbers, redcrake. I’d add that what makes second in passing offense and second in rushing offense really pretty is that the teams ahead of us (Arkansas and LSU, respectively) are 12th in rushing and 7th in passing, respectively. We’ve got balance.


  3. Robert

    Too bad we’re first in penalty yards.

    Offense is outstading. Defense, tighten up.


  4. peacedog

    Senator, that was my thoughts on the pass rush as well. We’d love to see more sacks and LeFevour did a good job turning bad situations into *something* on a few occasions. But we hurried him and knocked him down a good deal. Also, CMU’s cut blocking seemed to be frustrating DEs at times.

    The DL is rounding into shape, though.

    Kickoff coverage is frustrating.