When the early stats don’t match the early narratives

It’s part of the nature of the preseason that we hear the stories about how happier days are coming for some schools.  Weaknesses get addressed, geniuses get hired, etc.  In only two weeks, some of these narratives have taken on water and appear to be sinking, but there are others where it’s too soon to tell how things will play out.

Like these three.

  • Auburn. I bet you didn’t know that Troy racked up 34 points and 488 yards of offense against Georgia last year.  OK, maybe you did.  In the three Auburn games where Franklin has been directing traffic, the Tigers have averaged 28 points and 403 yards per game.  So I’ve gotta ask, do Clemson, Louisiana-Monroe and Southern Mississippi have better defenses than Georgia, or did Franklin have better offensive personnel at Troy than he does now?
  • Georgia Tech. It’s safe to say that with an total offensive turnout of 235 yards (with 73 of those on two plays), Paul Johnson’s scheme wasn’t exactly a raging success on Saturday.  But the Jackets emerged with the win – which is what Johnson was hired to do, after all.  Will the question about whether his offense can succeed in the ACC matter if it turns out that only two or three offenses in the entire conference aren’t dysfunctional?
  • Florida. Yeah, in the end the Gators won comfortably.  But I doubt they won the way they expected.  Remember that whole thing about getting a running game going to take the pressure off the GPOOE™?  Reality reared its head against Miami.
    Florida Rushing
    T. Tebow 13 55 4.2 0 20
    P. Harvin 5 27 5.4 1 10
    C. Rainey 3 13 4.3 0 13
    J. Demps 3 -1 -0.3 0 1
    K. Moore 3 -5 -1.7 0 0
    Team 27 89 3.3 1 20

Miami is very young on defense, very fast, with a very smart defensive coordinator. The Gators are going to see a lot more of the same going forward. Except some of the SEC defenses they’ll see aren’t so young.  Does Tebow survive a year of better defensive gameplanning by Florida’s opponents?



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6 responses to “When the early stats don’t match the early narratives

  1. Larry W. Hill

    I HATE AUBURN! But they have only played two games. Bama played Clempson. I get your drift though. Always enjoy your blog. Keep it coming.


  2. dan

    hey Larry,

    I think he might have been referring to last year’s bowl game Auburn vs. Clemson where Tony Franklin and the new O were already in use at Auburn.


  3. Robert

    Weren’t the Gators bragging last week about how much “balance” their new-found “running game” added against Hawai’i?

    Hmmm. So much for having Tebow run less…

    Thanks for the stats, Senator.


  4. dawg1

    I don’t know about you, but the gpooe looked pretty mortal to me. I thought he trucks LBs and d linemen with nothing but his mental fortitude. it looked like he went down pretty easy. miami’s d looked good but they were backed up by absolutely no passing game on offense, though they could run it on the so called “much improved gator d.”


  5. My brother and I were talking about the Miami/Gay-turd game yesterday and I think a couple of things were at play:

    1. Miami’s DEF is going to be much, much better as the season rolls on. They truly had UF confused and beaten at times.

    2. TT’s act is wearing thin. Every coordinator knows now that TT really may carry is 15-25 times a game – I think last year people were still mildly surprised when he kept running and running. Miami seemed to have him contained for the most part.

    3. His supporting cast is not up to speed yet. Is E. Moody hurt? I thought he was the missing link for that offense. There are some good RB & WR’s out there but with the exception of P. Harvin (still very scary) – nothing for DCs to fear.

    4. Dan Mullen isn’t the next coming of Rich Rodriguez.

    Just my 2C.