Uncertainty principle

With all the justified criticism towards the officials about the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that marred the end of the BYU-Washington game…

Yeah, if you go by the absolute strict definition of Part C of Rule 9-2-1-2, stating that throwing the ball in the air in celebration is a penalty, what Locker did could technically get flagged. But if officials are really going with the “letter of the law” defense, then why isn’t there a holding call on every play? Pass interference could be called on 75% of pass plays. By the rule book, there’s something that could be flagged almost every time the ball is snapped, and why doesn’t it happen? Judgment. Officials are supposed to be able to judge what’s really holding and what players should be able to get away with. Yes, there’s room for an official to use common sense, and that includes what Farina should’ve used after the Locker throw, and for Parry to stand behind the rule book in this situation makes all officials look bad…

but let’s not forget that this was a Pac-10 crew that made a call that screwed over a Pac-10 team in a game against a non-conference opponent.  As I’ve said before, these guys just don’t care what anybody thinks about them.

And that should give the team that currently leads the SEC in penalties some pause for thought on its game in two weeks.  We may see Evil Mark Richt blow a gasket before it’s all over.



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8 responses to “Uncertainty principle

  1. NebraskaDawg

    Even more annoying is some of the pass interference calls. Many times the ball is 8 yards over the receivers head and lands out of bounds and they throw a flag, like he could catch it anyway (ex. the penalty on the Ole Miss corner against Wake.)


  2. peacedog

    Actually, I think the thrown ball is one area where there is probably a good reason to cut down on celebrations. Granted, much of the celebration stuff is totally stupid. But this is one area where I think being a stickler would make sense, if they werent’ bungling the rest.


  3. pd, why is it necessary to cut down on celebrations? I thought the purpose of cracking down on this stuff was to cut out taunting and self-aggrandizement – things that can get out of control and cause bad blood between the players on the field.

    It’s hard for me to see where Locker’s toss fits in with that.


  4. peacedog

    Meh – there’s a fine line between “celebration” and “taunt”. The excessive celebration stuff is partly bullshit, there is no question. But it’s not *all* bullshit. The “ball toss” rule doesn’t bother me – there are bigger fish to fry.


  5. John

    Ok, this may have been discussed , but I got here late.

    Why was the penalty assessed on the PAT? I though it was always assessed on the ensuing kickoff. (See our kickoff from the 7 in the cocktail party last year)

    I thought the clock read 0:02 when he scored the TD, therefore there would have been a kickoff after Washington’s extra point.


  6. John, I could be wrong, but I think you have the option of taking the penalty either way.


  7. dean

    If this rule is going to be enforced then all officials need to get on the same page. I was watching the replay of the Carolina/Vandy game last night (yea, I was bored) and the exact same thing happened. When the Vandy TE scored, on the play after the turn from the punt, he jumped up and threw the ball in the air. But there was no flag. All I’m saying is if it’s a rule then it needs to be called consistently throughout the conferences.

    My $0.02 is its a BS rule. I don’t see any taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct from throwing the ball into the air. If the ball is thrown at a defender or up into the stands or through the goal posts then yes I can see a flag. Furthermore these are 18 – 21 year old males. They’re going to get excited when they score a TD especially a potential game tying or winning TD. And as we all know the male brain is not known for thinking before acting.


  8. NM

    Does anybody remember in, I think, 2005 when Vandy lost a game to Florida on a similar deal? I think they wanted to go for two and get a win but a celebration penalty moved ’em back so they had to kick. I think they lost in OT. (Could be misremembering any or all of that but I know I was upset at the time.)

    Of course, if the PAT from this weekend (which was still basically a chip-shot by FG standards) is made, and Washington goes on to win in OT, then we’re probably hardly talking about this now.