I got a line on you, babe.

As Jason points out over at Eleven Warriors, that’s quite a line on this week’s Game of the Century.

The line for Saturday’s game started in the 9.5-10 range on Sunday, quickly moved north of 11 and has settled back into 10-10.5 territory. Vegas does get a lot of money coming in from Southern California, but what’s telling is that the line hasn’t come down much in the last day or so. This spread is surely the largest of the Tressel era outside of maybe his inaugural season and most definitely unheard of in a matchup of top five teams. Hell, Nebraska was only getting 9 last year.

Don’t forget, USC’s opening day win, while impressive, came against an ACC school that soundly defeated Richmond last weekend 16-0 (it was still 3-0 midway through the fourth quarter).

If Tressel can’t get his team to put some kind of chip on its shoulder as motivation for this game, he’s not as good a coach as I think he is.



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2 responses to “I got a line on you, babe.

  1. I am pretty certain that Southern Cal has a great football team. But, I am more certain that Virginia has a deplorable offense. Check out these comparative stats between the USC defense and the vaunted Richmond defense…


    In short, against Richmond, Virginia only gained 18 inches more per play than they did against the now #1 team in all the land.

    The USC defense will be tested this year, but it doesn’t look like tOSU will be the juggernaut to do it.


  2. SonuvaDawg

    you mean like the chip they had against LSU last year after getting BLOWN OUT by UF the year before?

    Maybe maybe not but until OSU beats someone of consequence my chant regarding them will be OVER RATED clap clap clapclapclap