Some early stuff on Georgia-South Carolina

First off, start with this post of Paul’s about Georgia’s actual track record on this series.  It’s hard for me to argue with his conclusion.

… In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter how well the Chickens play. If Georgia plays well, we’re going to win this game going away. The two games that we’ve lost in Columbia since conference expansion were 1996 and 2000. In those two games, Georgia surrendered 10 total turnovers.

Other games have been slowed by incredibly poorly timed mental miscues such as:

    2002 – Tyson Browning fumbles in the South Carolina red zone on his first career carry.
    2004 – UGA surrenders a safety and David Greene throws a pick six early.
    2006 – Three INTs by Matthew Stafford keep the score from being even more out of hand than the 18-0 scoreboard indicated.

Protect the ball, play focused, and Dawgs win big. Screw around with these jokers, and it’s a sure fire headache.

Add to that McKinley’s injury status

South Carolina’s Kenny McKinley didn’t practice Monday night, and there wasn’t much hope bouncing around about the senior receiver playing Saturday against No. 2 Georgia.

“No, we didn’t expect him to do anything,” coach Steve Spurrier said. “If he makes any progress, it’ll be later in the week.”

McKinley pulled his right hamstring early in Thursday’s loss at Vanderbilt and didn’t return. McKinley said he was hit from behind on a crossing route and his leg “whipped up and I couldn’t hardly walk.”

Spurrier’s circling of the wagons with the media…

For a variety of reasons, Spurrier is using his veto power this week when it comes to interview requests. A slew of assistant coaches and players weren’t made available by Spurrier on Monday night.

Among the assistants: Receivers coach and play-caller Steve Spurrier Jr. , offensive line coach John Hunt and special teams and tight ends coach Ray Rychleski.

The players: Quarterback Tommy Beecher, receiver Barnes and running back Brian Maddox.

“Well, sometimes we don’t put players on the list because they don’t want to talk to you guys,” Spurrier said. “A lot of times you want to talk to guys that aren’t playing. Nothing good can come out of talking to guys that aren’t playing. … We don’t just open up everybody to the media.”

Spurrier was asked if the assistants didn’t wish to talk. He said yes.

and the uncertainty at quarterback…

Spurrier said both Beecher and Chris Smelley are both “scheduled” to play against Georgia. A starter hasn’t been named.

and it strikes me that you’ve got a team that’s going to have a difficult time recovering, both mentally and in terms of offensive ability, if it gets down early to a quality opponent.  The trick here is for Georgia not to take anything for granted.



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6 responses to “Some early stuff on Georgia-South Carolina

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I don’t know, for some reason this series always seems to be a slugfest. This game maybe the defining one between whether we are contender or a pretender for a NC. If we come out and lay the wood to them, I think we’ve got a focused serious team on our hands.


  2. JDL

    I think Stafford’s maturity and focus is going to make all the difference in this game. I’m a little worried about our O-Line being able to handle the pressure of the S.Carolina defense, but the coaches can scheme protections to help with that.

    Our D-line also will have to step up and get some pressure!


  3. dean

    The dawgs better not take anything for granted because what we’ve seen of the Carolina offense will be nothing like what we’ll see Saturday. Mark my words. Spurrier will throw the proverbial kitchen sink at our defense.


  4. Stephen

    Then did Spurrier not put out all the stops to beat Vandy? I have to think he showed all he’s got in that game. I can’t believe he would hold anything back, lose that game again, only to hold his best stuff for Georgia. That doesn’t make sense.


  5. This game is entirely about us – not the Cocks. If we go out with focus and execute the game plan – we will win with some room (not a lot – some).

    I likened this on GSB to the real USC traveling to Oregon State or Oklahoma traveling to Baylor – if we really are the #2 team in the land, then we should ignore Spurrier and take it to them. It ain’t personal – it is business.

    My fear for the weekend is that Spurrier makes US not play like we should – thereby bringing us back down to them – which is exactly what they want this week. If we match them at any level they are at: good, bad, indifferent – we win.

    Just like many of the games under CMR – we’ll see in the first quarter and a half what we got.

    Go Dawgs!!


  6. Robert


    I’m with you. We should have no excuses. We should play them like they’re Hawai’i. We are the better team, and we need to prove it.

    I just hope the first quarter and a half looks better than first half of the West Virginia, Virginia Tech bowl games, or USC, UT last year. Ouch.

    Knowshon for Heisman!

    Go Dawgs! Sic’em!