Chip Towers goes fishin’.

Traffic must be down at the AJ-C’s website, as he throws out some mighty stinky bait today.

It’s hard to draw many conclusions off of two games whether they come against a pair of Top 10 teams or a couple of Sisters of the Poor. But early returns on Georgia’s defense after games against Georgia Southern and Central Michigan don’t offer any evidence that coach Willie Martinez’s unit is going to be anything more than average this season.

It’s hard to draw conclusions, all right, but he gives it his finest Mark Twain try.



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8 responses to “Chip Towers goes fishin’.

  1. Additionally,

    After playing a rebuilding Division I-AA team and the two-time MAC champions the Bulldogs are ranked in the bottom third of the SEC in almost every defensive category. Entering Saturday’s game at South Carolina, they stand ninth in the league in points allowed (19.0 pg)

    Georgia gave up a little over 20 ppg last year. They also won 11 games and went to the BCS.


  2. Dawg93

    I really hope Towers doesn’t actually believe what he wrote about our defense. Please tell me it’s just bait. Please.


  3. 81Dog

    does Chip think we’re going to roll out the subs in tight games against better teams? Or does he just think our first string isnt any good, based on the fact that our reserves gave up a couple of scores?

    Maybe he’s just been reading the clips on everyone else. South Carolina has SPURRIER!!!! Alabama beat tradional superpower Clemson!!!! It’s hot in Tempe, and Rudy Carpenter is almost as good as Tebow!!!! Tennessee beat us last year!!!! Vandy is much improved!!!! LSU is the defending national champ!!!! Florida has Tebow and Urban Meyer is vowing revenge!!!! Auburn has Troy’s offensive coordinator who lit us up last year!!!! UK is much improved!!!! GTU has the unstoppable option!!!!

    The sky is falling!!! We’re doomed, I tell you, dooooooooooooooooooomed!!! Run, run for your miserable lives. We cant POSSIBLY beat anyone else on our schedule. Woe and calumny to follow!!!

    Hey, Chip…worry about the dwindling readership at the AJC, and let Willie Martinez worry about the UGA defense, ok?


  4. watcher16

    I like that he’s posting what a lot of us are thinking. I really hope our players and coaches do at least read some of the stuff that’s written. I REALLY hope CWM has been holding back some on D but I agree in the last game our corners looked awful in the 2nd half after the Chips made their adjustments. If Evans doesn’t lock down more the Cock attack will go after him all day and it won’t be pretty


  5. While I disagree with Chip on this one, I’ll ask this:

    Do we still get to count the win if the final score is 38-20 vs. 38-3?

    Go Dawgs!!


  6. Joe Momma

    Chip is horrible at his job, incredibly sloppy and a pandering jackass on top of it, but people cut him slack because he also loves them Dogs. You get what you pay for, I guess.


  7. Thomas Brown

    Chipper Towers of the AJ-C rag ? This is all he does. Every single day. Every single article. Recently he also wrote “that there are More BUSTS than Stars in recruiting for Coach Richt” and specifically called “Dannell Ellerbe not a star” for the team that ended last season ranked No. 2 in the AP Poll and currently is No. 2 in the AP Poll.

    He also stated that he was going to do something about AJ-C allowing anyone to post a comment using any name they want. Excuse me, that is the way the site works. You can log on as me, or yourself or whoever and change it without effort every single post – carrying on a conversation with yourself there.

    It’s a 1-horse newspaper town in a city of 5 and a half million counted residents. The readership has gone up, not down.

    He is not fishing, but pandering to the Georgia Tech fans (both of them) rather than to the actual readership, who of course are Georgia Bulldog fans. The AJ-C has repeatedly stated the chagrin of the Governor of this State, that since Georgia Tech is IN this town and UGA is 49 miles away from it, that we should all be routing for Tech and therefore against UGA.

    Of course, you would have to read the paper and Chipper Towers’ daily statements such as this one, to know that.

    What paper is it that you read instead and its readership compared to the AJ-C’s 3 million+ reading it ?