Gary Danielson thinks he knows Steve Spurrier.

Here’s a bold quote from Barnhart’s blog today:

“This may be THE game of Steve Spurrier’s coaching era at South Carolina. If you look at Spurrier’s history, he is not one to stress or go back to fundamentals for a big game. He tends to search for something to pull out of his hat…”



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4 responses to “Gary Danielson thinks he knows Steve Spurrier.

  1. kckd

    I’m tired of hearing about how he’s gonna go deep in the playbook or pull a rabbit out of the hat. When you’ve scored a whopping 25 points in three games as a result of your offense, that stuff gets old. He would’ve done this by now if he had the ability to do it. Let’s be honest about this. He needs his defense to play lights out again, and maybe he can get his offense in the endzone, in a perfect world two times.


  2. NebraskaDawg

    Cock fans can pull one out the Florida fans excuse book and blame the loss on MCKinley being hurt.


  3. 69Dawg

    The reason they think this way is the 1998 game. After we won in 97 SOS pulled out all the stops on O in 98. 5 WR sets that he had never used because he knew UGA didn’t have 5 good cover guys. Heck he even went William & Henry on Donnan
    in that one. They blew us off the field. One thing going for us that the 98 Dawgs didn’t have, he has no off week before us and that made a difference for about 19 years.


  4. Sam

    I agree this is a “crossroads” game for SOS and the SC program. Their backs are to the wall, fans are openly critical and questioning why they should pay more for a product that has not improved, and another year of not making the SECCG or a major bowl will make it even more difficult to recruit the athlete’s necessary to make a difference.

    Spurrier gets this and will rev up the team, but they are just no match for UGA this season with the offense they will put on the field. Bad Ol, weak at QB, best receiver out, and no playmakers/game breakers. Add an overweight group of LBs and you can see how mismatched they are. Only way they can win is for UGA to not play with intensity which isn’t going to happen after last year’s effort and what it cost UGA. Yes, SC has a good, if slow defense, but the field position UGA will get from their D makes it much easier to score. Look for UGA to roll, and cover the betting spread comfortably. I see it about 3 TDs at the final horn with the 2nd team in. Call it UGA 31 SC 10