Steele’s early season SEC projections

He’s got Auburn and an 8-0 Florida playing in the SECCG.

He’s actually bumped Georgia up a game, to 7-1, since his preseason projections had the Dawgs losing in Baton Rouge.  [Ed. note:  Steele revised the page after this post appeared and now shows Georgia going 6-2 in the conference.]

Given the way each has looked coming out of the gate, would Vandy losing to Mississippi State constitute an upset or not?



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12 responses to “Steele’s early season SEC projections

  1. Florida undefeated. Huh.

    Smells like the same old Florida from last year. You know, the one that lost four times.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Somehow, MSU and Arkansas have replaced Vandy and UK as the dregs of the SEC.


  3. RedCrake

    The man has Florida State and Miami playing for the ACC championship, so I’m not going to let myself get whipped into a frenzy over this.

    The ACC may be really week this year, but it isn’t that weak. Is he seriously predicting this outcome based on a win over Western Carolina and a loss to Florida in which Miami scored 3 entire points? Phil…come on now.

    If his judgment is that impaired, I’d prefer he continue picking Florida.


  4. NebraskaDawg

    Miami is young and inconsistant and would get hammered in the SEC so that makes them the perfect choice for ACC Champs.


  5. NCT

    Did he change it back? When I followed the link, he has UGA at 6-2 with losses to LSU and UF.


  6. Carruthers

    We need to notice that we are in an era when it is easy to laugh at people for thinking Miami and Florida State will win their conference. I’m fine with it; I’m happy if the whole state burned into the sea except for that small, magical part in Orlando called Disney World, haha.


  7. Thomas Brown

    Phil Steele could not possibly speak the English language more clearly, or say it more precisely that this is

    NOT his Prediction for the season

    which Bluto here provides the URL Link to.

    And, Bluto has you all responding to it, yet it appears only 1 of us is capable of reading what is at the URL Link provided for this discussion.

    He states at this URL Link in bold print that this is NOT his predictions for this season, 2 weeks in.

    It is a computer model, NOT his personal predictions.

    Come in here and everyone drinking this cool-aid, reads the report that the URL Link provided herein says Phil Steele picks Miami vs. FSU in the ACC and Florida going undefeated against Auburn who the computer projects to be 6-2 but beating 6-2 LSU, with Georgia losing to both Florida and LSU.

    Are you all (but 1) so lazy that you cannot even bother to click the URL Link provided, yet pipe up on the Internet about what it says without so much as reading what the hell you are talking about ?

    If you look at Phil Steele’s WebPages, you will see that he also has Predictions for the Season based upon what we, the fans, feel will happen. Here you will find that Clemson and Virginia Tech would go undefeated in-conference and face each other, not Miami vs. FSU. And, it has UGA going undefeated SEC against Auburn who is only predicted to lose to UGA.

    “I am not a computer and I do not just go by what a computer predicts,” Phil Steele states. Pretty clear, huh ? About as clear as : “These are NOT my personal projections.” And, Bluto comes running in here saying Phil Steele said this, so all but 1 of you say, oh Phil Steele is all wrong.

    Know what you are talking about once on this blog, would you ? Is that asking too much ?


  8. NCT – that’s weird. Evidently Steele did change the projection for the Dawgs back to 6-2.

    Thomas, you take stuff like this way too seriously. By the way, if you look at the link on his home page to the projections, he doesn’t mention his computer. 😉


  9. Thomas Brown

    B.S. he doesn’t mention his computer Bluto. “I am not a computer and I do not just go by what a computer predicts,” Phil Steele states. Pretty clear, huh ? About as clear as : “These are NOT my personal projections.” Still, after pointing it out what it says exactly at the URL Link you sent me to, you come running right back in here again today and say Phil Steele changed the prediction. Good Lord son; it’s NOT his prediction. How clear does he have to be ? Zoom. That’s the sound of it going right over your head.


  10. AceG8tr

    After watching you guys against SC, I am feeling very good. A couple of weeks ago we had a little back and forth about who would be more improved, your offense our our defense. I rest my case.



  11. AceG8tr

    Sorry, “or” not “our.”


  12. CLT Dawg

    Not so fast my UF compadre…..your D hasn’t faced a real offense yet, and USCe DOES have a legit D. I hold my judgment on that until I see you play a team that knows how to play on O.