Wednesday thoughts on Saturday’s game

  • What’s the biggest difference going into this year’s game with South Carolina from last year’s?  I’d argue that it’s Mike Bobo’s confidence in his ability to call a game.  Last year he played into Tyrone Nix’ hands by letting Stafford throw the ball a season high 45 times.  I feel pretty good about saying that ain’t gonna happen this year.
  • And the second biggest difference?  Matt Stafford trusts Stacey Searels.
  • I get the feeling that the Georgia defensive linemen are pretty happy about the fact that they won’t be seeing a spread offense this week.  “They’ll get in the ‘I’ and we like that,” Lomax said.
  • While I think the d-line is in store for happier times this week in defending against the pass – both for scheme reasons and also because the South Carolina offensive line hasn’t exactly been a brick wall so far in pass protection – I am a little concerned about how Evans and Miller hold up after watching a few of their breakdowns against Central Michigan.  A master at creating matchups to exploit, Spurrier feasted on Evans last year.
  • As to McKinley’s status, Spurrier had this to say about it at his presser yesterday“Kenny was not able to do anything yesterday. He probably won’t do anything today. I’d say he’s doubtful. When you severely pull a hamstring like he did, it’s usually a two to three-week deal.” Sorry, but I’m not ready to buy it yet.  If you’ll recall, last year he got Emanuel Cook back on the field after an appendectomy.  McKinley is by far their best offensive playmaker and he wants to play; if he can walk, he suits up.
  • Also from the presser:  “We have to stop the run like always. That’s the gameplan every week. You can’t let Knowshon (Moreno) run all up and down the field. We have to get a bunch of guys up there and our defensive backs have to cover.” No surprise there.  But Bobo has a lot of ways to open things up for Moreno – four receiver sets, Moreno/King backfield sets (that came out in the CMU game), Moreno in the slot.  I’d like to see what Jasper Brinkley can do when he has to account for Moreno moving laterally with the ball.
  • Lost in the disappointment of last year’s game is the fact that Martinez did a good job for most of the game holding the SC (can I say that?) offense in check.  The Dawgs outgained the ‘Cocks.  South Carolina only managed to convert one of eleven third down opportunities.
  • If Georgia is faced with a fourth and two on the South Carolina 33, I hope someone has a better play to call than the one we saw last year.
  • Getting Munzenmaier, Dewberry and Weston back can’t hurt.  Having Southerland back would be even better, though, after watching Georgia’s goal line offense last week.


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11 responses to “Wednesday thoughts on Saturday’s game

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I think our pass rush is actually better than we think. The spread is meant to have the QB get rid of the ball quickly to avoid the pass rush. We’ll know more after we see a traditional offense like Cackalacky.


  2. Dawg93

    Agreed ND, I think it is too.

    With regards to the play we ran on 4th-and-2 last yr against SC, I hope we keep that one in the vault until the end of the season. Save it for when we play USC in Miami.


  3. I think our pass rush is actually better than we think. The spread is meant to have the QB get rid of the ball quickly to avoid the pass rush.

    I was worried in the middle of the CMU game because it seemed like we hadn’t touched LeFevour at all…but the more I thought about it, the more I realized he had a lot of dribbling quick outs that didn’t do anything.


  4. If you go back and look at the replay, you’ll see that LeFevour got hit a lot more than you thought.

    The problem, if you want to call it that, is that most of the pass pressure came from the tackles. Lomax looked hesitant most of the day and Battle got ridden out of a lot of plays.

    The ends do need to step things up.


  5. peacedog

    I think it’s definately Bobo and the Evil Richt that are the main factors on our side of the ball.

    I don’t think this is what’s going to happen, precisely (I’m just not sure the OL is at a point yet where it could), but can’t you see Richt being a little more Mercenary about this one? The ‘Cocks might be realing, but wouldn’t a big win be a good milestone for the team at this point (first road test, first conference game)?

    Like I said, I’m not sure the OL has gelled to the point where we can brutishly impose our will on the game, and the D is Carolina’s strength. We don’t feel like historic Richt teams right now, though. GSU scored 21 points but by the time they got their 2nd TD the bulk of our roster had seen action – the reason the blowout wasn’t quite at expected standards wasn’t because of the historical easing off the pedal that Richt is known for as much as it was because the game *was* treated like a Glorified scrimmage.

    We feel a little bit nastier, in other words. I hope we play like it.


  6. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Speaking of goalines and pressers, David Hale has this quote from CMR …

    “Handing the ball to the fullback, I talked to the staff about that a little bit because I think we need that, and we didn’t have it ready to go,” Richt said. “As they studied goalline, short yardage, they didn’t have it in the plan. I think you’ve got to have that fullback run play. You’ve got to have it every week.”

    I’ve been thinking the same thing because both Moreno and Caleb had to fight like hail to get the rock in the zone … but how did Bobo forget that play? Sophmore jink?


  7. montgomeryaldawg

    Senator, great points above, I agree with most all, but especially the first point. We had absolutely NO offensive game calling ‘identity’ prior to the FLA game last year. Bobo had not determined yet what was our strength (toss sweep left side) or what he wanted to go to in certain situations. He seemed to be flying blind and feeling out in the SC game. A year later, Bobo’s obviously much more mature and confident…and successful. I also believe our d-line is better against the pass than given cred for and they will be good Sat., yet my concern is the downhill running game against our linebackers (whose speed can dominate the ‘spread’). That TB for SC is a load, and our ability to minimize him will communicate much about how we will do against Tenn’s smash mouth rushing attack (although it is currently MIA). Tn, SC, LSU and UA (big, impressive freshman RB) concern me more than AU & FL. Bc of my concern with our run stopping at Lb (downhill, not side-to-side), is why I think we are a better match up for Ohio State than say an LSU last year. ALLAY MY CONCERNS DAWGS!


  8. I don’t think it’s so much a case of can you say SC as it is – Does the phrase “SC Offense” make any sense?


  9. montgomeryaldawg

    HAAAA! Like that Travis. Bet you thought you’d never say that about an OBC O!


  10. dean

    Lomax looked hesitant most of the day…..

    I wonder if the offside penalties against GSU had anything to do with that? Don’t the guys have to run gassers for penalties?

    I completely agree with your first bullet point. Another difference I’ve looked at is the games before the game. Last year we were getting a lot publicity from the Ok. St. game and the talk of a upset. After we made fools of the Cowboys I think we may have been a little overconfident heading into the game last year. I seriously doubt that will happen this year.


  11. Rdawg

    Dean I agree with your point about games before the game.

    Last year SC faced an easy opponent to open up the season (Louisiana-Lafayette); thus spending the entire off-season preparing for us like it was their first game. This year they actually manned up and scheduled two teams they knew they would have to prepare for. Like you said we focused so much on the Oklahoma State(which we should have) game that we were behind on scouting when it came to SC. I feel this was a huge deciding factor in the outcome of the game last year. Expect GA to be well-prepared this year.