Listen to the radio.

I owe you folks an apology.

I saw the recent news about David Pollack joining the broadcast staff at 790 The Zone, gave him a mental ‘attaboy for the gig and didn’t think much more about it.

Quite frankly, I blew it.  I forgot about the most sensitive fanbase in North America and how it would react to someone like Pollack being hired to appear on its team’s “flagship” station.  His “irrelevant” comment in particular doesn’t seem to be sitting too well with the Tech faithful.

Nor did I anticipate the opportunity the AJ-C would see in this controversy, namely, to take a cheap shot at people who had nothing to do with the decision to hire Pollack in the first place.

… What do you think UGA fans would do if Joe Hamilton or George Godsey were suddenly added to a big sports talk show on a “flagship” UGA channel and it was broadcast from George O’Leary’s house? The aggitation (sic) in the GT fanbase would pale in comparison to the outrage and ugliness you’d see from the “dawg nation”. Just look at the silliness over the Moreno “hurdle” this past week. (You didn’t see GT fans get upset when PJ Daniels hurdled a Clemson defender a few years ago…talk about a thin-skinned fan base…)

So, in response, let me start by taking a cheap shot of my own:  has this guy heard Joe Hamilton lately?  I don’t know why Tech fans would want to listen to him, for God’s sake.

Seriously, I’m not sure what the most ironic part of all this is – that disgruntled Tech fans threaten to take their listening business over to Buck Belue, of all people, or that they demand that the Tech AD find another “flagship” station to accomodate the enormous throngs of Yellow Jackets listeners.

And to spell it out for Mr. Boggs, the reason 790 The Zone is considered Tech’s “flagship” station is because it paid for the privilege, not the other way around.   And the reason it’s hired David Pollack at the risk of displeasing its loyal Georgia Tech audience is because it doesn’t feel like it’s getting a sufficient return on that investment.   In other words, if you’ve got a problem with the hire, look in the mirror, sport.

That is all for now.  I’ll do better next time, I promise.



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9 responses to “Listen to the radio.

  1. I love seeing a Techie write a sentence like “You didn’t see Tech fans get upset when . . . ” in the midst of an entire blog post about this silly non-issue (and one that, at the time I write this, had already spawned 104 comments).

    Not only do you ALWAYS see Tech fans get upset, you usually see them getting upset about something trivial that’s completely unrelated to an actual play on the field — which is probably for the better, since if they got as upset over individual on-the-field screwups as they get over radio shows and AJC articles, they’d probably all die of heart attacks within weeks.


  2. JasonB

    Stingtalk has been glorious this week with cry


  3. 81Dog

    Let’s face it: Tech people measure themselves against UGA in every way remotely connected to athletics, and almost always find themselves wanting. But the reason they’re constantly looking up at us isn’t because of any deficiency on their part; it’s because a cruel, prejudiced world treats them so unfairly.

    Sack it up, nerds. Your athletic programs suck.

    This is one reason I have no patience for UGA fans who want to cry about ESPN shorting us, or the AJC not giving us our due, or whatever. You want respect? Crush your opponents, and the media will come fawning. Leave it up to them to interpret, and you get whatever you get.


  4. Kit

    I. Hate. Georgia. Tech.

    Seriously, they are 10 times more delusional and worse than South Carolina fans as a whole and their pissing and moaning does nothing but get more and more old every year.

    Honestly, I would be just as happy never playing them again so I wouldn’t have to deal with their ridiculousness and bitchy attitude.

    Ugh, poke out my eyes with a rusty spork.


  5. Smitty

    The same Joe Hamilton that was arrested days after his hire. The same George O’Leary that was Notre Dame’s coach for a day. Both complete embarrassements. Yeah they stack up well against Dooley/Pollack.


  6. truck

    “…We will let our record do all the talking….”



  7. Sheesh, 13 pages over at the Hive. Someone call the Whaaaaaambulance, please.


  8. Robert

    Can’t those silly Nerds just piece together enough Erector Set parts to build their own radio station?

    I’m sure something worthwhile has fallen off the Ramblin’ Wreck a time or two…


  9. NM

    “Honestly, I would be just as happy never playing them again so I wouldn’t have to deal with their ridiculousness and bitchy attitude.”

    Give ’em 10 years. Tech drops to I-AA and either Southern or State steps up to fill the void. Sounds crazy but you know you wouldn’t be shocked.

    (Senator, accept my apology in advance for the dozens of Tech fans that will soon storm this blog to refute that statement…)