Moreno, ESPN and a highlight that’ll never be

Per Coach Richt’s blog, ESPN will be trotting out a brief segment on Moreno during tomorrow’s GameDay.

We’ll probably see the Hurdle, but after reading a comment from Coach Ball about it on David Hale’s blog, I wonder if there’s an alternative universe where we might have seen a very different sort of highlight on the play.  Here’s what Ball said:

“I don’t like us to necessarily go airborne because once you go airborne, you’re vulnerable. I think there’s certainly a time and place, and some people can do it, but it’s not something I encourage. But I don’t put the reins on a ball carrier because to me, I think those things are instinctual. I did make reference to it during our meetings about the decision to do it. But for some reason when I saw him kind of gauge himself, I had a feeling he was getting ready to jump. I was hoping he would make that guy miss him and score. That was the thing I showed him. It was a great athletic move, but don’t leave yards on the field.”

So, curious, I went back to look at the YouTube clip of the play, to see if there was an opportunity for Moreno to have broken the play open, and I noticed a player coming up on Moreno’s left as he leaps.

It’s Stafford.  Makes you wonder what might have happened if Moreno had spun left instead of leaping.  So does Moreno.

“I probably should have kept on going left because I had (quarterback Matthew) Stafford on the left side, and he probably would have thrown a block for me,” Moreno said.

Who knows, Matt might have had his Casey Dick moment.

That would have made for a helluva highlight, wouldn’t it?



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2 responses to “Moreno, ESPN and a highlight that’ll never be

  1. NCT

    While not as visually dramatic, perhaps, as The Hurdle, a key downfield block by Stafford for a Moreno TD run would have been beautiful.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    Too bad that clip is from the most meaningless game of D1 football ever played.