Look at the bright side.

Last year when they played that poorly, they lost.



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  1. Jim

    I am positively looking forward to the Tennessee game. I sure our defensive coaches will make sure it is exciting game for someone.


  2. CLT Dawg

    A W is a W in my book. Not pretty, but it counts.


  3. HVL Dawg

    Smelley played his best game ever. Their defense matched up pretty well against out offense. This was the first game our defense was the difference between winning and well…you know.

    No injuries….

    Take the win and look west….


  4. Well, it t’weren’t pretty but it were a win.


  5. Auditdawg

    Does Willie Martinez know what an in-game adjustment is??? I’m assuming he’s forgotten more about defensive football than I’ll ever know, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why we weren’t defending the TE with a DB instead of a LB when he was clearly dominating us and was SC’s only offensive threat the entire game. Willie needs to shore up that pass defense or we’re gonna have to score 45 points just to stay in the game next week.


  6. Will Queen

    My thoughts exactly, Auditdawg. Martinez is a hell of a coach, but the second half of this game reminded me way too much of the last two games against Tennessee.


  7. Atlchris

    I can’t complain… We didn’t turn the ball over.. We didn’t have huge breakdowns on defense.. I guess you can say it was a tough, pretty, ugly game…


  8. Joe

    Most poorly coached game since Jim Donn*n left.

    Massive amount of penalties…check
    Numerous dropped passes….check
    Mind-numbingly bad kickoff coverage…check
    Refusal to go to the running game to salt the game away….check
    Absolutely no sense of urgency to start the game…check
    Very underconditioned ball club…check

    I actually managed to come to a conclusion that our coaches purposefully made this game close to see how our guys would respond.

    I would really like to just forget that this game ever happened and get ready to head to Tempe. Hope our DB’s and DE’s figure out how to play by Saturday or we will give up “half a hundred.”

    Kudos to Brian Mimbs. He was the POTG.


  9. montgomeryaldawg

    Joe, good points, but Audit & Will, Bryan Evans started on their TE but he kept getting beat. I believe the adjustment was a way of saing a lb couldn’t do any worse.

    Our incessant need to get a flag thrown on us will kill us. We ought to have more character than that. Even our best db (cornerback Asher Allan) was thrown on much, and frankly, him and Rashad Jones need to SHUT THEIR MOUTHS while their getting embarrassed so by CHRIS SMELLEY!!!

    Also, it seems obvious that our coaches prefer R/Samual over C/King. I trust their judgement however I didn’t expect such a drop in production when Knowshon would be out.

    And did Tripp get another ball thrown to him after his 3rd drop in the first half? Please, someone help me.


  10. We’re an amazing team, really. Our defense could have not looked worse in the 4th on about 9 out of every 10 snaps, but yet…7 points. That’s it. Whew.

    You know, if South Carolina ever bothered to give that much of a crap against other teams, they might actually threaten to make a bowl game every year. As it is, UGA is their Super Bowl, and their a joke of a program otherwise. Sad but true. See ya on the links, OBC.


  11. Er, they’re a joke of a program, etc. Hard day, obviously.


  12. Matt R

    At the end, we just played not to lose. Hope it doesn’t bite us later. I wonder if we have the whole offensive package in yet?

    I also wonder why we couldn’t get pressure when we needed it?

    I thought we could have utilized an edge passing game to move the chains just about anytime we wanted to, but what do I know.


  13. peacedog

    We covered Cook with a DB on several plays. It didn’t help, generally. The real problem was the lack of pressure.

    Rough night for the OL, and while the DL was good agains the run we got no pressure from the front 4. Superior gameplan to last year but the OL wasn’t much better than last year. I don’t think the first down throw post-endzone fumble was a problem, but going that far down field didn’t seem smart given that the pressure on Stafford was increasing; something higher percentage seemed more ideal but I don’t know what else was going on that play and if it was something max-protectish I’m not sure throwing is a good idea. Bobo was right in thinking that just giving it to Moreno 3 or even 6 times probably wouldn’t be enough to salt the game away (see: next drive).

    We’ve got room to improve, but then we already knew that and it wasn’t all going to come together in one week. Onward.


  14. JDog

    This blog post is a wonderful description of the game.

    I know a lot of folks are saying a win is a win, and I surely appreciate getting the win, but I know one of my questions for this season was if the apparent changes in preparation and motivation we saw in the last part of the season last year would carry over to the first part of this year.

    It doesn’t look that way. This team looks like the same old early-season sloppy dawgs. And looking at #1 USC’s domination of OSU tonight (granted they had an extra week of prep) really makes #2 UGA look pretty lame.

    Still, I’ll hold hope we will be more prepared and execute better against ASU next week.


  15. The only thing that will keep Southern Cal out of the MNC game is their own boredom. Which has bit them in the rear the past two years.


  16. montgomeryaldawg

    bring on the pac-11!