If you thought yesterday’s game sucked…

ESPN.com’s Brett Edgerton can tell you why you’re wrong:

Is this a bizarro world for Steve Spurrier or what? The man who rocked the college football landscape with his Fun ‘n Gun offense at Florida is now just firing blanks. Since his South Carolina team rose to No. 6 in the BCS last October, Spurrier is a stunning 1-7 (his worst eight-game stretch with Florida was 5-3). That includes a six-game losing streak in the SEC. In his 12 record-breaking years in Gainesville, Spurrier’s longest SEC losing streak was two … and that happened just once (1992).

Two of the losses during that streak are at the hands of Vanderbilt, a team he was 12-0 against at UF, including a 71-13 whipping in his final season. The ones that have to hurt the most, though, are against Georgia, which Spurrier seemed to take great pleasure in beating during his tenure in Gainesville. As Florida coach, the Darth Visor was 11-1 against the Bulldogs, averaging 36.3 points in the series. As South Carolina coach, Spurrier’s teams are 1-3 against the Bulldogs and have totaled 38 points, including just seven Saturday. His four lowest career outputs against UGA are his four meetings as Gamecocks coach.

So after going 23-1 against Georgia and Vandy as the Head Ball Coach at Florida, Spurrier is just 3-5 against those foes at Carolina. Anyone feel like golfing?



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6 responses to “If you thought yesterday’s game sucked…

  1. UgaMatt

    If Spurrier loses every game he coaches for the rest of his career, it wouldn’t be enough for me. It’s one thing to dislike a rival, but since Spurrier has been at SC, going 1-3 against UGA, I have YET to hear him say one complimentary thing about our team after a game. Nothing good about Richt, Stafford, Moreno, our defense, Mimbs, anyone. In four years. It’s always just about how his “ball plays” didn’t quite work, while completely ignoring that maybe our team had something to do with them not working. Richt is 180 degrees the opposite and continues to make Spurrier look very small and petty. He is a classless baby that was a bad winner and is a worse loser and I hope he stays at Carolina long enough to destroy his reputation.


  2. Ah, our former ball coach – the grass was not greener, was it?

    Sure you made a ton of cash. But you had that. Reputation? Well a couple more years of this, and it won’t be memorable.


  3. C - Dawg

    amen , brother ugamatt


  4. Robert

    Maybe his team will ruin Florida’s season this year.
    They sure didn’t ruin ours.



  5. Dawg19

    Sorry…I’m pulling for him against the gators and vols this year now that we have beaten him. It doesn’t help us if he loses.


  6. Robert

    Who said they wanted Florida/Tennessee to win?