A quick look at the early season stats

It’s just week three, and several conference schools have only played twice so far, so you don’t want to read too much into the conference statistics, but there are still a couple of items worth taking note of in the current SEC statistical rankings if you’re a Georgia fan.

On the plus side, the Dawgs are a perfect 10 for 10 in red zone offensive production, even taking into account their struggles in Columbia.  That’s tops in the conference.  It’s been a hallmark under Bobo, as Georgia finished second in ’07 in that category.

The negative stuff is no surprise:  Georgia ranks dead last in kickoff coverage and penalties.  With regard to the latter, it’s even worse than you might expect, as Georgia is also tenth in opponent penalties.  The net effect is that the Dawgs are giving their opponents a net of almost fifty yards per game from penalties.  That’s the kind of thing that winds up costing a team a game at some point in time.

The most eye catching stat in the conference right now doesn’t belong to Georgia, though.  Auburn has allowed its opponents to convert three out of forty six third down opportunities.  That’s a 6.5% conversion rate.  I don’t care who you’ve played, that’s an incredible number.  The next best percentage nationally is three times that.



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4 responses to “A quick look at the early season stats

  1. NebraskaDawg

    I agree with everyone else about kickoff coverage. I’m afraid if we keep this up, someone is going to bust a long return or a TD return and cost us the game. Is CJF that much smarter than everyone else or could be be he is a dumbarse.


  2. RedCrake

    Thats an impressive stat to be sure.

    However, their three games have been against Southern Miss, Louisiana-Monroe, and Mississippi State. Many defenses in the SEC and around the country could likely put up similar numbers (LSU, Alabama (this year – not last), USC, and even Georgia on 3 good Saturdays.) given those opponents.

    The Auburn defense is definitely one of the best in the SEC, but my point is that their defensive numbers are a result of the teams they have beaten and not a purely dominant D. Three yards and a cloud of dust offenses do tend to pump up the 3rd down conversion numbers. Lets see where those numbers stack up after they play LSU this week and after they face “The Clawfense” (ugh) the next.


  3. Southern Miss is running the spread under Larry Fedora, who was an OC at Florida. It doesn’t run as conservative an offense this season as it did in past years.

    In its two games not involving Auburn (granted, against fairly crappy opposition), USM converted 19 out of 33 third down opportunities. Against Auburn, USM went 1-14 on third down.


  4. RedCrake


    But Southern Miss also amassed 305 yards of total offense against Auburn’s D (unlike Miss St. which absolutely crapped the bed).

    I didn’t watch the game, so I can’t be sure of this, but I would guess that means they were getting first downs (20 of them according the same site) on first, second, and possibly fourth down. My impression of the spread is that without some type of really credible running threat (ala Tebow), 3rd downs are going to be difficult unless you have a group of elite recievers. I’m not sure Southern Miss has that.

    I’m not sure if 3rd down conversion stats mean much (with the exception of performing under pressure) about the stinginess of the defense if they are giving up 20 first downs (the same amount we gave up against South Carolina) on other downs.