Afternoon tidbits

Here’s the first piece I could find on preparation for the ASU game.  Strategery included.

… Last year, Stanford’s defense threw the kitchen sink at ASU, blitzing frequently, and the tactic was copied by Sun Devil opponents for the rest of the season. Now, Erickson will likely have to counter a defensive tactic that worked for UNLV.

With quarterback Rudy Carpenter throwing for 733 yards in ASU’s first two games, UNLV sat back in a two-deep zone and dared the Sun Devils to beat them with the run.

Kyle Williams had three catches for 115 yards, but Chris McGaha, Michael Jones and Kerry Taylor combined for just 56 yards on five receptions. ASU rushed for a respectable 131 yards but had few difference-making gains, and run calls late in regulation and in overtime were booed by some in the Sun Devil Stadium crowd.

Willie Martinez lives!

Meanwhile, local sports radio mogul Steak Shapiro is so impressed with A. J. Green that he misspelled the receiver’s name.  Twice.  In fairness, it did take two sentences.

AJ Greene showed me more in his three catches in the win over South Carolina than almost any Georgia receiver in the last decade, yes that includes Terrence Edwards, Reggie Brown and Fred Gibson. This guy is a total playmaker and if the Dawgs make a real run at the national title get ready for Greene to become a household name to college football fans…



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4 responses to “Afternoon tidbits

  1. Umich

    I’m still telling myself that the coaches are saving up some crazy schemes to unleash at some point of the season…maybe ASU?


  2. Matt

    What I want to know is when is the team traveling out west. We will need the time to acclimate. I realize that traveling east is tougher but leaving late last Friday sealed Cal’s demise at the hands of the Turtles in College Park and I dont want that happening to the Dawgs. I would imagine that this trip will be the furthest most of these boys have traveled in their entire lives!

    Go Dawgs!


  3. Here’s a quote from David Hale’s blog:

    On Georgia’s travel plans for Arizona State: “It was even brought up to fly out the day of the game, get off the plane and stretch and let’s go. But I felt like the best thing for us was to try to stay in the normal rhythm of the normal away game. We have a pretty good record on the road, so I felt like, let’s stay as close to that routine as possible and see what happens.”


  4. Stacy

    As a native Californian turned Georgian, I can assure you that I’ve flown out west enough to know that it won’t really be necessary to acclimate these guys. The game is at 8 o’ clock ET which is a time that our guys are used to playing at anyways. I also spoke with Ron Courson who discussed the team’s hydration plan with me. He said that they already have a fairly aggressive hydration program which is usually implemented on Thursdays to minimize unwarranted heat cramps and dehydration. I’m tired of the ASU fans claiming victory because they think that the heat is going to kill us. Just wait until they have the Georgia humidity resting on their shoulders in 2009…

    Just my two cents…thanks for sharing the interesting insight, and Go Dawgs!